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Sacral Chakra Essence – Creativity, Emotions & Sexuality

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The Sacral Chakra Essence

The Sacral Chakra Essence is all about creativity, emotions and sexuality. It’s a really helpful Essence if you find it difficult to express or get in touch with your emotional needs, or you experience out of balance emotions, relationship difficulties, low self-image, anger, frustration, impatience, blocked sexuality or creativity.

Sacral Chakra Essence

Sacral Chakra Essence

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How to Use: Take four drops on the tongue directly from the bottle two and four times a day. Full How to Use.

Combination: Carnelian, Clear Quartz, Squash, Rose Quartz, Calendula, Dark Opal, Chrysocolla, Icosahedron

Essence Type: Flower, Gem & Crystal Essence Combination | Stock Level

About the Chakras

The chakras are energy centres that act as gateways for vital life force energy from the subtle bodies to enter the physical body via the nadis and meridians, while at the same time providing an exit point for lower frequency energy to be released back into the subtle bodies for transmutation.  They can be seen clairvoyantly as vortexes of spinning energy.

We have many chakra points throughout our energetic system but the seven main ones that are etherically connected into the head and spine of the physical body are the ones that most affect our everyday wellbeing. Each of the seven spinal chakras also represents a level of consciousness or awareness that when maintained contributes to our maturity and development as a human being.

The flow of life-force through a chakra vortex can become restricted by deeply held emotional issues or unresolved belief patterns. You can find more information about your chakras here.

Chakra Upgrade in Progress

The current planetary shift is pushing us all into deeper and deeper levels of clearing so that we gradually come into vibrational alignment with the new template. This clearing cycle strongly affects our chakras as they need to be capable of facilitating an increasingly expansive flow of light. This upgrade is happening in increments as we are each able to handle it, so it is particularly helpful to review the functioning of your chakras on a regular basis.

The Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra is the second of the seven main spinal chakras located in the area of etheric body corresponding to the physical abdomen. It is also linked to the emotional body, one of the subtle energy bodies that make up our energetic system.

Sacral Chakra Symbol

The issues in this chakra concern our relationship with others and the world around us, particularly our emotional identity and sexuality. When it is functioning well, we experience life as a fluid flow in which we connect with others through our feelings and experience healthy and fulfilling relationships of all kinds.

When it is the turn of the Sacral Chakra to be the focus of an upgrade, the most prominent issues on the surface will be to do with emotional balance, creativity, sexuality and self-acceptance.

The Sacral Chakra Combination

The Sacral Chakra Essence is a deep acting combination containing a mix of; Carnelian, Clear Quartz, Squash, Rose Quartz, Calendula, Dark Opal, Chrysocolla & Icosahedron. It is specifically designed to open, clear and balance the sacral chakra so that it can function more efficiently. Indications that it might be particularly helpful include;

  • Anger, Frustration, Impatience.
  • Blocked creativity.
  • Difficulty expressing sexuality; sexual guilt.
  • Out of balance emotions. Emotional extremes; violence.
  • Unable to express or get in touch with emotional needs.
  • Difficulty accepting change.
  • Relationship difficulties.
  • Wounded inner child.

How to Use

An effective dose for most adults is 4 drops on the tongue 3 or 4 x a day taken consistently until the bottle is finished.

Sacral Chakra Essence

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Do You Need Any Help or Advice?

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