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Divine Love – Love Essence Review

Love - Inner Child Essence

Love Essence

Essence Range:
Inner Child Essences

How to Use:
Take four drops on the tongue 3 or 4 times a day
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The focus for our Essence Review this month’s is the Love combination from the Inner Child Essences.

It is unlikely to have escaped anyone’s notice that the impulses of light that we have been receiving on our planet recently have increased considerably in intensity. These incredible waves of light contain packets of high frequency energetic coding deigned to help us wake up. In particular this energy is targeting the heart, impulsing us to open more fully to receive its unconditionally loving frequencies so that we can anchor the vibration of Christ Consciousness fully back onto the Earth. This is something that we have all been waiting to get the opportunity to help with for a very long time, however for many people it is proving to be an unexpectedly painful process.

There are two main reasons for this. The first one is that opening the heart means that we come face to face with some of the painful reasons why we felt a need to protect ourselves by closing it down in the past. For a while these old stories can feel uncomfortably real as the energy of them clears away.

The other reason is that true unconditional love is a vibration that we have habitually denied ourselves the experience of by refusing to accept that we are worthy enough to receive it. This is such a deeply ingrained mechanism that we were hardly aware of it until it was brought into greater focus by the current energetic climate. However, now we are realising that denial of love is also a denial of our true self and that it sets up a huge uncomfortable resonance of resistance that is becoming increasingly difficult for us to ignore.

It is now really important that we remember that we are love and allow ourselves to receive and embody the flow of unconditional love flowing onto the planet at this time, because if we cannot love ourselves then that lack of love will continue to be reflected to the Earth and make it more difficult for change to take place with relative ease.

Opening the heart means that we come face to face with some of the painful reasons why we felt a need to protect ourselves by closing it down in the past.

So, if you resonate with any of the above or indeed struggle with accepting or receiving love in any other way, then you may well find that the Inner Child Love combination is exactly the essence that you need to support you at the moment.

Love – Inner Child Essence

This is a deep acting combination of Flower and Gem Essences specifically designed to help you clear away the energy of old painful memories from your heart so that you can open to the vibration of true unconditional love once again. It helps to bring understanding and remembrance of your own divinity and connection with the One Life, banishing unworthiness, melting resistance and setting you free to be your true self.

Love is part of the Inner Child Essence range.

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Catherine Keattch

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