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Healing Herbs Wins European Court Case

10 October, 2008 Crystal Herbs 2
The names ‘Bach’ and ‘Bach Flower Remedies’ remain generic. Julian Barnard of Healing Herbs has been actively objecting to Nelsons’ trade marking of the name ‘Bach Flower Remedies’ and ‘Bach’ for nearly 20 years. In […]
Bach Flower Remedies

Challenging Times

8 April, 2008 Crystal Herbs 0
We were reflecting the other day on just how relentless the energetic push for transformation has seemed over the last twelve months and particularly since the beginning of this year. There was a time, not […]
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Bach Flower Remedies

Mustard – Bach Flower Remedies

22 August, 2007 Crystal Herbs 0
Gloom or depression which comes and goes for no apparent reason. Mustard – Bach Flower Remedies Mustard helps those who from time to time experience a black cloud of gloom that comes and goes for […]
Bach Flower Remedies

Centaury – Bach Flower Remedies

19 July, 2007 Crystal Herbs 1
For those that can at times be weak willed or subservient… The Centaury remedy, helps you to develop a stronger will and greater sense of yourself. Centaury – Bach Flower Remedies Centaury restores the qualities […]
Bach Flower Remedies

Beech – Bach Flower Remedies

17 July, 2007 Crystal Herbs 0
The Beech remedy, made from the flowers of the beautiful Beech tree, helps us when we feel intolerant or critical of ourselves or others. Beech – Bach Flower Remedies Beech helps those who need to […]
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Bach Flower Remedies

Aspen – Bach Flower Remedies

21 May, 2007 Crystal Herbs 0
Clearing Unknown Fears… Last month we focused on Agrimony from the Bach Flower Remedies range, and this month its the turn of Aspen. The beautiful energies of the Aspen remedy help us to feel unafraid […]
Bach Flower Remedies

Agrimony – Bach Flower Remedies

19 April, 2007 Crystal Herbs 1
Without doubt the Bach Flower Remedies are still the most popular and well known flower essences around the world. From their beginnings in the 1930’s to their popularity now, the Bach Flower Remedies have an […]
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Bach Flower Remedies

The International Bach Cromer Conference

13 February, 2006 Crystal Herbs 0
The International Bach Cromer Conference 23rd – 24th September 2006 The first ever International Bach Cromer Conference is taking place in the seaside town of Cromer in September 2006. It has been arranged as a […]