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Fuchsia Flower Essence – Clearing Old Emotions From the Heart Chakra

Fuchsia Flower

In this Essence Review we are continuing our focus on the Karmic Essences, this time taking a closer look at the Fuchsia Flower Essence.

There are ten essences included in the Karmic Essences range. Seven of them relate directly to one of the personality groups identified by Dr Bach. Each of these essences help to release unconscious beliefs underpinning the surface personality issues in a particular group.

The other three essences, of which Fuchsia is one, are Bridging Essences that can be used as additional support to help clear away any blockages that might prevent full access to the underlying karmic patterns.

Fuchsia Flower Essence

Fuchsia Flower Essence

Fuchsia Flower Essence

Essence Range:
Karmic Flower Essences

How to Use:
Take four drops on the tongue 3 or 4 times a day.
Full How to Use.

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Fuchsia is a powerful essence to help clear emotional blockages from the heart chakra. To fully let go of old deep-rooted patterns we first need to view the situation from a high enough perspective to be able to release the misperceptions that have prevented us from seeing the situation clearly.

Working with the Heart Chakra

Working from this higher perspective can be particularly difficult if there are many unresolved emotional issues blocking the heart chakra. Fear, anger, resentment, grief and guilt will all hold us stuck in old patterns. Until we can see past them as ‘a truth’ the personality may feel justified in its belief that it is safer to hold on to old outmoded patterns, even when they clearly lead to discomfort and unhappiness.

Working with Fuchsia

Fuchsia is an exceptional essence to help promote a quick release of difficult emotional issues from the heart chakra. It is particularly useful in those uncomfortable situations where you can feel a layer of emotion sitting in the heart but you just can’t quite get to it to release it. This is currently a very common experience for many people, as we all do our best to weed out those old third dimensional patterns and beliefs that do not allow us to expand into fifth dimensional consciousness.

Fuchsia is also a very useful essence to take in situations where you feel disconnected from your heart energy but the emotions are not obvious or on the surface. In this situation, taken over a period of time Fuchsia will promote a gentle release of buried emotions bringing greater clarity and connection.

Fuchsia is an exceptional essence to help promote a quick release of difficult emotional issues from the heart chakra.

How to Use

For general use, where you want to work with an emotional pattern over a period of time, take 4 drops 3 or 4 x a day directly from the stock bottle for as long as necessary to create a shift. The amount of time needed for this to happen can vary from a couple of days to a week or more depending on the circumstances. In our experience it is not unusual to finish a whole bottle before all possible transformation feels complete.

Fuchsia Flower

You can also use Fuchsia very effectively in more acute situations where a speedy release of uncomfortable emotions blocking the heart chakra is needed. In this situation take 4 drops of Fuchsia every hour until you feel a change in the situation. Usually two or three doses will be all that is needed to release what is sitting on the surface. You might then choose to continue to take the essence 3 or 4 x a day for a while to consolidate the shift.


Fuchsia Flower Essence

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