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Transforming the Past & Our Old Emotional Stories – Flower & Crystal Essence Suggestions

Essence suggestions to help us dismantle the emotional ‘glue’ holding our old stories in place.

Garlic Flowers

Currently, many people are finding themselves faced with the need to dismantle the old energetic constructs or ‘stories’ from the past that contain vibrational threads that will not fit into a fifth dimensional reality.

Emotional Body Essence

Emotional Body Essence

This is a powerful Flower, Gem & Crystal Essence combination helping to promote a fast clearance of buried emotions and old emotional patterns. It helps to clear old energy stuck in your emotional body and releases old emotions and emotional energies, especially where there is a fear of facing your thoughts and feelings.

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Working with Buried Emotions

When you look closely, the glue that holds most old stories together is a magnetically potent emotion with an attached belief.  Many people still do not find it easy to access their emotions, especially the ‘difficult’ ones, so if you find yourself feeling emotionally jangled but unable to identify the specifics of the feelings, recognise that a buried emotion is trying to clear and allow it space to identify itself. A very helpful combination to support this process would be an Emotional Body essence. Taking this once or twice a day for a period of time will begin a process of gently unravelling and dissolving buried emotions in the lower emotional body. As you begin to experience yourself more fully at an emotional level it will become easier to identify what you are feeling in the moment.

Core Emotions

For those working with old stories where the underpinning emotion is clearly revealed but difficult to let go of for some reason we suggest that you check out the Core Emotions section of our Divine Harmony Essences for support. Here you will find a series of ten deep acting flower, gem & crystal essences each with a focus on transforming a specific core emotion. Choose the essence that works with the emotional issue that feels most dominant in the story that you want to dismantle.

For example if fear is the dominant vibration choose an Inner Calm combination or if you have identified guilt as the vibration that is ‘gluing’ your story together then the Forgiveness combination will be the one to start with. Another very persistent vibration that can keep an old story active far longer than necessary is an underlying sense of unworthiness. In this situation choose a Feeling Worthy combination to help untangle yourself.

As you take your chosen combination pay close attention to any other emotions or beliefs that come into awareness as the emotional charge is dissipated. If necessary, choose another combination to follow on from the first. Old ‘stories’ often contain layers of emotional glue so be kind to yourself as you go through the dismantling process.

The Lower Three Chakras

Solar Plexus Chakra Essence

Inevitably many old stories centre on issues that relate to those of the lower three chakras so here is a reminder of what these are in case you find yourself in need of support from one of these powerful combinations.

Take a Base Chakra combination if you find yourself working with issues of insecurity, survival fears, lack of abundance or a perceived inability to function in the everyday world. A Sacral Chakra combination is particularly supportive for those having difficulty with their emotional identity, creativity or sexuality. The Solar Plexus Chakra combination will be particularly helpful for those needing support with positive self-value, healthy personal boundaries, balanced emotional expression and the constructive use of will & personal power.



Choosing Your Essence – if there is a specific issue that you would like help with that has not been mentioned above, please use our Essence Selector or give us a call/ email for some help and advice.


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