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Azeztulite Essence – Integration & Expansion

Azeztulite Crystal

Integrating Light & Expanding Perspective – our Essence Review for September is for the Azeztulite Crystal Essence.

Azeztulite expands perception and the ability to see beyond the accepted norm of everyday reality. It helps open your connections with the Earth and increases capacity to receive and use high frequency light. It also opens the crown and higher chakras. It’s an excellent Essence to help clear away blocks and negative patterns that inhibit soul integration.

Azeztulite Crystal Essence Review

Azeztulite Crystal Essence

Azeztulite Crystal Essence

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How to Use:
Take four drops on the tongue 3 or 4 times a day. Full How to Use.

So in this month’s Essence Review we are focussing on a relatively new addition to our collection of Gem/Crystal essences; Azeztulite.

Azeztulite is a form of quartz usually found as small white or clear flat pieces. It has a very high frequency vibration and has been found in only a small number of places in the world to date.

It is very much a stone for our times because it carries frequencies that are of great assistance in the process of navigating through the current change from a third/fourth dimensional reality into a fifth dimensional one. For all of us this involves slowly raising our vibrational frequency and expanding our awareness so that we can come into alignment with the new fifth dimensional patterning.

There is a vast amount of encoded light and love now flowing onto the planet to help us with this process, however it is up to each of us as individuals to accept and integrate these expanded frequencies into our physicality.

Being able to operate in fifth dimension is also dependent on our ability to perceive and acknowledge realities that exist outside of the reality that we have been programmed to consider as ‘normality’.

Azeztulite Essence

Azeztulite is the essence to turn to when you feel that you need some extra support to overcome the challenges of becoming a fifth dimensional being.

Azeztulite Crystal

It will lift your frequency, help open your connections into the Earth and increase your capacity to receive and integrate high frequency light, helping your body to absorb it deeply into the cells. It also opens the crown and higher chakras, expanding awareness.

The frequencies of Azeztulite essence will help to dissolve any blocks, resistance or negative patterns that are inhibiting forward movement and greater soul integration.

If you struggle to maintain awareness of other realities beyond the everyday then Azeztulite is the essence for you. It is excellent to help increase perception and will encourage you to anchor your awareness into the new more expanded version of ‘reality’ that is now available to us.

How to Use the Azeztulite Essence

Azeztulite works extremely well taken as a single essence on its own. An effective dose for most adults is four drops on the tongue 4 x a day, straight from the stock bottle. For best results take consistently for a period of two to four weeks. It is also very effective mixed into a stock combination with other deep acting Flower, Gem or Crystal essences if you want to focus on an issue in more depth.

Azeztulite is included in the Energetic Alignment Spray from our Pure Vibrations Spray Collection

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We hope you’ve enjoyed our look at Azeztulite Crystal Essence. We’d love to hear your experiences of working with this essence or working with the related issues, so please do leave us a comment and share your experiences!

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