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Fluorite Crystal Essence Review

For our Essence Review this month we have selected Fluorite, which is one of our many individual Gem & Crystal Essences.

Fluorite Crystal

Fluorite Essence

Fluorite Essence

Essence Range:
Single Gem & Crystal Essences

How to Use:
Take four drops on the tongue 3 or 4 times a day.
Full How to Use.

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Fluorite is a very familiar and widely available mineral that is found in a variety of colours; green, blue, purple, yellow, clear and most beautifully a rainbow mix of several of these colours together. It is often found growing in a naturally formed octahedron shape as well as in cubes and dodecahedrons, all of which are basic shapes of creation.

Fluorite Essence

Fluorite Essence has many useful qualities and applications that can help us to more easily integrate the multi-dimensional frequencies of light now available to us, into our everyday lives and physical bodies.

One of it’s many important attributes lies in its ability to draw out and dissolve negativity, particularly from the emotional and physical bodies. If you are struggling to understand and release an old pattern taking Fluorite essence for a while will help you to see the higher perspective of the issue so that you can allow it to dissolve more easily. Spraying some into your auric field in such a situation can bring particularly quick results in this situation.

However, Fluorite does more than release negativity. It is very grounding and will support your energy system in a way that makes it easier for you to connect with your inner guidance and then organise and use what you have received at a practical level. It can help to strengthen inner resolve, focus, self-discipline, and the determination to keep walking your path no matter what. Taking a few drops just before you meditate can be very supportive if you struggle to stay fully present when meditating.

Fluorite – Single Essence

Fluorite Crystal

Fluorite works extremely well taken as a single essence on its own. An effective dose for most adults is four drops on the tongue 4 x a day, straight from the stock bottle. For best results take consistently for a period of two to four weeks. It is also very effective mixed into a stock combination with other deep acting Flower, Gem or Crystal essences if you want to focus on an issue in more depth.

Fluorite Essence in Combinations

It is also very effective mixed into a stock combination with other deep acting Flower, Gem or Crystal essences if you feel the need to focus on an issue in more depth.

Fluorite is one of the Essences included in our highly popular Positive Vibrations Spray.

Fluorite Essence

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