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Gentle Hermione – A Change to Our Rose Collection

Introducing the lovely Gentle Hermione rose

The Gentle Hermione Rose

Sweetheart Rose has been a much-loved part of our Rose Collection for many years. Sadly, the mother tincture from which so many stock bottles of this essence have been made, has now run out.  For some reason, the version of Sweetheart Rose that we originally made the mother tincture from is no longer available from any UK rose grower, so we have been unable to source a replacement plant from which to remake it.

Gentle Hermione Flower Essence

In view of this we have decided to replace the Sweetheart Rose essence with one made from a rose called Gentle Hermione. This is a beautiful pink rose with a very similar vibration to that of the Sweetheart Rose, which we feel will make a perfect replacement.

The Gentle Hermione Rose

Gentle Hermione Flower Essence: "A beautiful essence that gently expands the petals of the heart chakra, helping to dissolve anything preventing us from seeing ourselves as worthy of love. It focusses the vibrations of unconditional love, stimulating us to nurture the spark of Divine Love held deep within our own heart centre."

If you feel drawn to the vibrations of this rose, you can find it in the Flower Essence shop here:

Gentle Hermione

From now on it will replace the Sweetheart Essence both as an individual essence in our Rose Collection Set and as an ingredient in the Awakening the Heart and Unconditional Love Rose Combinations.

You can find our more about the Rose Collection set here.

A Little about the Plant

Gentle Hermione is a lovely example of an Old English Shrub rose, with beautiful large double pink flowers, each with 41 petals, and a rich, strong myrrh fragrance. The name originates from Shakespeare’s ‘The Winters Tale’, in which Hermione was the faithful wife to Leontes, the King of Spain.

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