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Bach Flower Remedies: The Essence Within by Julian Barnard

The Essence Within

This lovely full colour book is a practical guide to making and using the Bach Flower Remedies and includes some fascinating insights and understandings about the 38 Remedies and Dr. Bach. Julian Barnard is one of the foremost authorities on the Bach Flower Remedies and this book certainly makes for an interesting and informative read!

Description: Bach Flower Remedies The Essence Within

Richly illustrated with photographs by the author, this book details the way that the flower remedies of Dr Edward Bach are used, and gives instructions for the way they are made. Each of the 38 remedies is examined in detail: why each plant was chosen, where the plants can be found, and to which emotional states they relate. Dr Bach’s own words are given to indicate the remedy types, and as a positive affirmation for each remedy state. To those who know and love the work of Edward Bach, this new edition of Julian Barnard’s seminal work is most welcome. To those who are new to the subject, this book will provide an excellent and inspiring guide into the world of the Bach Flower Remedies. The book is both a work of reference, and a practical guide for those who wish to help themselves with this natural, safe and effective form of healing. The authoritative text is the result of more than 30 years work with Bach essences. It is a beautiful celebration of the herbs of the field placed here for our healing.


Author: Julian Barnard – Healing Herbs


Bach Flower Remedies – the Essence Within is available from our Bookshop here.


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