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Your Truth is Important

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It’s important for all of us that we explore our own truth in more depth and take steps to align with that truth with as much integrity and trust as we can manage.

Being True to Yourself

On the face of it being true to yourself seems like a simple process, yet in practice there are often hidden agendas that get in the way when we try to put this fully into practice.

Often in this situation the first step towards making a positive change is the simple act of granting yourself permission to be who you are. When you do this, it is then not uncommon to find yourself confronted with all the ways in which you have been unconsciously programmed to live by someone else’s rules, live out the expectations of others (good or bad), or generally dance to a tune that is not yours.

If there is any doubt or uncertainty left in the pot it will probably surface as you look more closely at these issues, along with the fear of the consequences of creating disharmony if you follow what feels right for you.

Your Truth – Aligning to Your Inner Truth

Being out of alignment with your own inner truth can feel uncomfortable and stressful.

Keep in mind that these are just old patterns which no longer fit in our new energetic template for life. Each time you move away from yourself to try to fulfil what you believe someone else wants you to be, you lose touch with your own core inner truth and guidance. In the new template this creates uncomfortable resistance as well as feelings of stress within us, because we are out of alignment with our own inner truth and we know it.

Often this is when we find ourselves feeling stuck in life, not knowing which way to turn. In this situation be kind to yourself, avoid judgement and allow the energies to help you move into greater harmony within yourself. As soon as you realign with what is important for you, the way forward will become clearer again. Remind yourself that your truth is important for you.

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Essences to Help

You can find some Essence suggestions to help with these issues here: Harmony, Truth & Integrity – Essence suggestions to help you stay focussed and aligned with what is important for you.

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