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Attachment & Need: Essence Review for the Letting Go Essence

Letting Go Essence

Letting Go – Dissolving attachment

The process of change and transformation that we are currently experiencing on our planet is offering us the opportunity to repattern to a new and higher vibrational frequency, a heart based consciousness that will take us in a new and very different direction than the one we have become accustomed to. Part of this process involves a very necessary reappraisal of the way in which we relate to others, especially in our close relationships, which are increasingly being pushed to evolve. In a nutshell this involves learning how to share love rather than need love, and requires the release of many of the old habits and beliefs that have been a part of our collective heritage up to now.

In order to reengage with the ever present but often disregarded flame of love deep within our own hearts we have to be willing to own and release the old emotional pain of separation, loss, grief, abandonment and fear that has blocked our awareness of it for many lifetimes. These old patterns particularly come to the fore in close relationships and it is also these that unconsciously keep us seeking love outside of ourselves, all too often leading to unfulfilled relationships based on unhealthy emotional attachments, co-dependency and control issues.

With all of this old patterning now seeking to release and transform into a new and higher frequency many people are finding that they are being required to make adjustments, both big and small, in their close relationships. Suddenly and seemingly without notice, what used to work now no longer does. Yet however much we might recognise the need for change it can still feel more than a little uncomfortable as our old emotional issues and patterns surface for clearance. The Letting Go combination (Divine Harmony Essences) has been particularly designed to help with this situation. Gently but powerfully it helps to release & transform old emotional pain, encouraging us to dissolve those unhealthy emotional attachments we have mistaken for love. It lifts our focus out of the solar plexus chakra firmly into the heart where we can reconnect with the love, strength and beauty within our own heart flame. As we acknowledge and honour ourselves as a source of love we also automatically do the same for those with whom we share our lives. Fulfilling relationships built on the sharing of love, mutual respect and freedom then become possible.

Bleeding Heart

The Letting Go Combination

So if you are currently in need of a little assistance to transform old emotional relationship patterns this month we suggest that you enlist the help of our Letting Go combination. With all the energies lined up to support transformation old issues are releasing very quickly and especially so with the support of some well chosen vibrational frequencies. If our experience is anything to go by you will never look back once you have fully taken that step forward.

The Letting Go Combination is part of the Divine Harmony Essence range and is in the Core Emotions group. You can find the Essence in our shop here.


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