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Inner Nurturing and Self-worth – The Feeling Worthy Essence Review

Our focus for this month’s Essence Review is the Feeling Worthy Essence from the Divine Harmony Essences.

Feeling Worthy Essence

The Feeling Worthy Essence

Essence Range:
Divine Harmony Essences

How to Use:
Take four drops on the tongue 3 or 4 times a day.
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Inner Nurturing and Self-worth

Our focus for this month’s Essence Review is the Feeling Worthy Essence from the Divine Harmony Essences.

The ability to hold a balanced sense of our own self value is becoming increasingly important for all of us. Without it we cannot move fully into fifth dimensional unity consciousness because lower vibrating frequencies like self-condemnation, unworthiness and disempowerment simply do not exist in this patterning. The old stories attached to these difficult states are many and varied and all have their roots in our third dimensional experiences of duality and separation. Since the energetic template that has supported our third dimensional experience for so long is now in the process of transformation many of these ‘stories’ are currently becoming more obvious to us.

While this process might feel temporarily uncomfortable remember that it is really a good opportunity for you to choose once and for all that you no longer need these old vibrations in your emotional storage department. It really is that simple, however it might not feel particularly easy to implement when you get down to the actual ‘nitty gritty’ of it.

Resistance to change is often due to the fact that in the old energetic patterning our sense of self value has been unconsciously focussed outside ourselves and therefore something we have to earn in one way or another. Because of this our personal sense of value has become attached to the ‘identities’ we have created for ourselves in life, such as the job we do, the role we play in our family or society and even our ‘spirituality’.


All the time we continue to use these ‘identities’ to try to prove that we are good enough it will feel uncomfortable to allow a change of perspective. It will also be difficult to remember that there is nothing to prove and that we have never been anything other than whole and complete.

Help from the Feeling Worthy Essence

The Feeling Worthy combination is a mix of deep acting Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences specifically designed to support you through the process of dissolving any old stories and belief patterns that are preventing you from acknowledging your innate value and worth.

Particularly strong themes in the story lines of these old scripts are often things like a deep sense of inferiority, over sensitivity to criticism and feelings of unexplainable incompleteness, separateness & even alienation.

Then there is the need to prove yourself through ‘over doing’ or the other end of the polarity; under achievement due to a perceived lack of inability.  Defence patterns such as needing to be right or a need to feel ‘better than’ others in order to feel comfortable can also be a part of this picture. So be kind to yourself as you unravel your particular version of this old story and allow the Feeling Worthy combination to support you through the process of transformation with ease and grace.


Feeling Worthy Essence

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