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Compassion Rose Flower Essence
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Compassion Rose Essence Review

26 September, 2016 Catherine Keattch 0
The focus for this months essence review is on the Compassion Rose Essence from our Rose Collection Essences. Compassion Rose Compassion Rose Essence Essence Range: Rose Collection Essences How to Use: Take four drops on […]
Larimar crystal
Essence Reviews

Larimar Essence Review

30 August, 2016 Catherine Keattch 0
Larimar Crystal Essence This month’s Essence review is for the Larimar Essence. Larimar helps to balance and stabilize the emotions and the etheric body, especially in situations where the difficulty is caused by shock or […]
Moonstone Crystal
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Moonstone Essence & Crystal

12 August, 2016 Catherine Keattch 0
The beautiful Moonstone crystal has a pearly moon like luster and it has long been valued for its beauty and it’s energetic properties. Historically the Romans used it in their jewellery and it has long […]
Pennyroyal Flower Essence
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Pennyroyal Flower Essence

25 July, 2016 Catherine Keattch 0
This month’s Essence review is for the Pennyroyal Flower Essence. This very useful Essence helps you to repel and dissolve negative thought forms and to strengthen your auric field as well as to bring a […]