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The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction – Tapping into our full potential


Over the last few years particularly, there has been an ever increasing number of books coming onto the market, not to mention inspiring films like The Secret, that are continually reminding us of our almost unlimited powers to create whatever it is that we most desire in our lives. In their own ways they all explain how we can use the magnetic effect of the Law of Attraction to work on our behalf.

We were reflecting on this the other day and wondering why, despite our best intentions, it can sometimes appear that we have not created what we thought we had asked for. After all, the Law of Attraction is always in operation – it is a Universal Principal and as such cannot work sometimes, or choose to work for one person and not another, so the truth is that we are always in a state of creation. In our view the answer to this all-important question is that the level of our creative skill is dependant on our ability to align our manifestations with our highest truths.

Making the Most of the Law of Attraction

To be able to tap into our full potential as creators and to use the Law of Attraction to maximum effect we need to become aware of which level of consciousness we are creating from. As human beings we are rather like one of those magical Russian dolls that is really a succession of dolls of decreasing sizes one inside the other. Using this analogy the outer doll represents the expanded perspective of our Greater Being while each of the inside dolls represent different dimensional levels, culminating with the smallest doll – our personality, or third dimensional consciousness. When we appear not to have created what we asked for it is sometimes because we have not ensured that all these different levels of ourselves are in agreement about what the manifestation should be.

It can be all too easy to listen to the familiar patterns of our personality and not remember to ask our Soul for it’s more expanded view of what is really best for us. The Love and Wisdom of our Soul is always with us and we can best connect with it in the deepest recesses of our heart. Here, if we are prepared to be honest with ourselves we will find our highest truths along with the power to create what is truly in our highest and best good.

Of course, it is not uncommon for us to experience resistance at a personality level as we attempt to bring the personality into alignment with the Soul’s truth. So when this happens do remember the invaluable help and support that some well chosen vibrational essences can provide to smooth your pathway forward.

Essences to Help

You might find one of the following combinations helpful:- Heart Chakra, Unconditional Love, Acceptance, Being Present, Inner Calm.


May all your highest and best dreams come to fruition!


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