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The Transmission of Beauty: Flower Essences and Art

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An interview with Beki Crowell

"These remedies work, not by attacking disease, but by flooding our bodies with the beautiful vibrations of higher nature, in the presence of which dis-ease melts as snow in the sunshine". Dr Edward Bach

Soul artist and vibrational healer Beki Crowell has spent her life exploring how the beautiful vibrations of nature dissolve patterns of disconnection. Beki works with the energetic transmission of art and flower essences for deep inner transformation. Today she is sharing her story, her wisdom, and a process for you to receive a transmission of Beauty for your heart and your soul. Enjoy!

Art and Flower Essences Work Energetically

Picture of Beki Crowell

Art is like flower essences because both are transmissions of energy. Like an essence, art works on the energetic layer and shifts and transforms the consciousness of the person who’s perceiving it. And whether it’s art or essences, the more sensitive you are, the more you will be aware of how this energetic transmission is impacting you.

Flower essences are so profound, potent, and gentle – they come from the beauty and soul energy of the flower or the tree. I call them the humble helpers because people can be working with flower essences and not know. You don’t always know what’s happening when you’re taking flower essences because you’re returning to yourself, returning to what’s natural.

It’s like when you stub your toe and you notice when it’s hurting, but when it stops hurting you don’t notice it, it’s simply a part of the whole. You don’t really take notice of your toe when it is in its natural state of well-being. I think that’s why people don’t always realize what the flower essences have done. They may not make the connection about how they’ve activated the transformation unless it’s dramatic or immediate. We may notice if we take ibuprofen, and a headache goes away shortly after. We’re so oriented to instant gratification that we don’t notice the subtle and profound way in which subtle energies work and transform in rather radical ways. It can be so complete. When we are in our natural state of wholeness, well-being, and homeostasis after a time of imbalance or dis-ease we may look back and say, “Wow, maybe it was the flowers that supported this healing!”

A Creative Journey

Flower image by Beki Crowell

When I discovered flower essences, I realized that I’d been painting the essence of flowers for 20 years. My mother was my art teacher in high school in the Bahamas and had tried to get me to paint without using a reference many times without success. Then when I had moved to Canada for University and went to visit her, she tried again. This time she said, “I want you to use the ‘meditation method’ and paint purely for the process not the end product. You don’t even have to show it to me when you are done.” This was key to getting me to agree. She gave me earphones and a Walkman with a canvas on the easel and left me alone in the house to create.

Something miraculous happened as I began to paint. Without the subliminal need to receive approval from my art, I felt liberated, wild, alive, and elated. Later I realized I had made conscious contact with my Soul for the first time. I feel it was one of my first awakenings. It was so powerful that I would never go back to painting the old way again. From that point forward I approached the blank canvas with curiosity, openness, and eager anticipation of what would emerge from the empty void of infinite possibility.

My art became a way for me to connect to the Divine. I painted weekly until I had my first child at 27 years old. The first year of mothering was an extraordinary mix of a profound sense of fascination and adoration for this new being that came through me, along with a post-partum hurricane — with depression, loss of identity, and a feeling of disconnection to my creative source that creating art initiates. Then, when my baby was one year old, I began to paint again, and there was an emergence of flowers that came through my art. They were huge: 60 x 48-inch paintings. I created a large body of work within a short time; it was like an explosion. Each painting was like an energetic transmission offering the healing I so desperately needed. I filled my home with these beautiful reflections of nature and the essence of the Divine imbued within them. When my son was 2.5, I was invited to do a solo exhibition in Nassau, Bahamas which showcased around 60 of my paintings, many of which were created during this period. The show was called, “…and the Earth Took a Deep Breath.”

How Flower Essences Changed My Life

The flower that really transformed my life initially was Red Chestnut because I was a chronic worrier about other people. It helped me to really look at my own issue about co-dependence and the coping mechanism I used as a child.

Flower essences first came into my life when my eldest son (of three) was a teenager. We started having a lot of issues with him and it was the cause of incredible heartache, worry, and fear. One evening I went to a holistic healing event where I met a psychic. I blurted out what was going on with my son and she told me to go to the health food store and get some Bach Flower Rescue Remedy. He had been going through a lot of anxiety, angst, lots of agitation, not being connected to his peers, and feeling lost. Within 2 weeks I noticed a huge difference in his mood and energy. He was dancing and singing around the house and invited a friend over to hang out with the whole family, which was rare. Something had changed. I took note.

However, I forgot about flower essences until I was experiencing continual panic and worry myself and that’s when I discovered there was a whole system of Bach Flower Essences with 38 different remedies to address the many unique states of mind and imbalances we experience as humans. Like a lot of people, I just thought there was Rescue Remedy. I started studying the flower essences and it was like a lightbulb went off. I thought of everybody I knew and which essences could best help them.

Picture of a Red Chestnut flower

The flower that really transformed my life initially was Red Chestnut because I was a chronic worrier about other people. It helped me to really look at my own issue about co-dependence and the coping mechanism I used as a child: If I could take care of everybody else emotionally, I would be safe. I was able to become more conscious of this pattern in myself, as not only my weakness but also my superpower. When I am in my healthy expression of the red chestnut state of being, I am really good at holding space for other people and seeing them as whole, perfect, and free. So, not only did the flowers offer me the healing around my worry and codependent tendencies, but they ushered me into being a healer and able to use the gifts that were already present in me. Red Chestnut helped me to channel that gift in a way that was supportive of other people instead of worrying about them or feeling I needed to fix their situation. It catalyzed my innate gifts and so I worked with Red Chestnut all by itself for about 7-8 months.

The other big aha for me was Mimulus for my fear of public speaking. I felt like I had so much to say but I just couldn’t say it, I would become immobilized. I couldn’t even speak with a small group of people that I knew and loved. It was debilitating. After taking Mimulus for many weeks, I was asked to do a talk on flower essences. When I immediately said yes to the invitation, I knew it was the flowers that had helped to dissolve this lifetime of fear and activate a healthier expression of courage and confidence. The flower essences can be so subtle and yet so potent and complete because I’ve never had that same fear of public speaking again. Now people ask me to do talks and I can do that. I might get a little nervous like most people, but I don’t get that same debilitating fear. It never came back in the same way.

The Power of Beauty

A beautiful tree painted by Beki Crowell

Nothing is more beautiful than flowers and their energy. Without even talking about flower essences, the transmission of being in nature means we are receiving healing frequencies all the time. We’re so disconnected from nature in modern culture that I think that’s why people get so imbalanced. We put flower essences in little bottles and give them to people in a form that our Western-thinking minds can understand will help us, but the true transmission and healing frequencies come from nature itself.

Beauty, to me, is also a transmission. I think about the power of Beauty to transform humanity and create a state of Oneness consciousness. How do we create Beauty and Oneness in a world where we give so much focus on dystopia, on a future of doom? Focusing on that can perpetuate what we see around us, so what I feel really passionate about is how I can participate as a sacred activist in bringing the frequencies that will transform what is into a dimension of this Garden of Eden that is possible.

It’s not even really transforming reality, it’s almost like magnetizing that reality to us because I believe that everything is here and now in the Eternal Now within the quantum perspective of reality. All these different energies are coming in to infuse the frequency of Beauty, Oneness, wisdom, unconditional love and joy, the truth of who we really are. To me that’s what the flower essences are all about; they reconnect us to who we truly are and crystallize that dimension of Beauty that’s already present.

I use art as a transmission not unlike the way I use flower essences – to shift frequency. I invite people to consciously engage with the frequencies of Beauty that are being offered through the images and the flower essences themselves so they can experience the way that Beauty transforms. The gentle, profound transformational power of Beauty is shifting our reality by shifting our inner state which is then reflected in the world outside of us.

INTERACTIVE PROCESS: Beauty for Your Heart and Soul

I offer you this experience to receive the frequency of Beauty today.

1. Begin by spraying an essence around yourself, light a candle, dab a favourite essential oil on your pulse points, or light some incense. Choose a piece of music you love. This will help to awaken your senses and set the mood.

2. Now choose the image that attracts you most and click on it to open a larger version on your screen. Soften your gaze as you gaze at it. Drop down into your heart and move beyond your thinking mind. Let the image speak to your heart.

Beki Crowell artwork 1 Beki Crowell artwork 2 Beki Crowell artwork 3 Beki Crowell artwork 4 Beki Crowell artwork 5 Beki Crowell artwork 6

3. Allow yourself time to receive the frequency/energetic transmission of this image. Set a timer for 5 minutes or simply follow your intuition about when you have received its energy.

4. Now set a timer for 5 minutes of stream-of-consciousness writing without stopping and without taking your pen off the page.

5. From your heart, what words emerge after sitting with this piece of artwork?

6. Once the writing process is complete, sit and reflect on what you have experienced. What has come up for you? What is shifting inside of you in relation to this image?

Two bottles of Inner Calm Essence

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This process offers you a direct energetic Divine transmission of Beauty through art. Writing about your experience can help you to make connections that you may not otherwise be aware of – exactly the way a flower essence does. You may see things with new clarity and receive insights and understandings about yourself.

Find the Seeds of Beauty

Each of us holds our own unique truth and that’s what guides us on our journey. For me, seeing where Beauty is in the reality we’re navigating is very important. If we can see the Beauty beneath the surface, we find that seed of beauty within all that is. All of us have a soul, all of us are innately Divine beings of incredible Light and Beauty. When we are awake, there is nothing that is not imbued with Beauty. Everything at its very essence is beautiful.

May you experience Beauty in every moment of your life.


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Beki Crowell is a soul artist and vibrational healer who channels the Divine through paint, colour, words, and energy. She offers Soul Portraits and Soul Sessions for healing, personal evolution, and Soul embodiment. She debuted her first book Bare Beauty: my journey of Awakening, a spiritual memoir, in 2018. She is currently completing her second book, Threading of the Soul, a captivating story of ReMembering the multidimensional self. She lives in the beautiful city by the sea in Charleston, SC, USA. www.bekiart.com | www.instagram.com/bekisoulart

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