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Spring Daffodils

As spring officially arrives and the flowers come out to brighten the countryside, so somewhat surprisingly has the snow, reminding us that Mother Nature has her own rhythms and timings. Fortunately we have had the chance to go out already and make some early spring flower essences before the snow arrived.

The beautiful profusion of Daffodils around at the moment are bringing a sense of colour and joy to the countryside, helping to ease away the winter browns and greys. This year they inspired me to go and remind myself what Daffodil does as a Flower Essence. Its not one I’ve tried recently, but having looked it up in the Gurudus Flower essences book, it sounds like a very useful essence.

As a flower essence Daffodil helps to increase our inner sensitivity, making it easier to attune to ones Higher Self/ guides and also helps the development of inner hearing. It is also a useful essence for despair, self esteem issues and frustration.
You can find the Daffodil Essence here

As well as being a single essence, we also use the Daffodil essence in the following Divine Harmony Essences :- Feeling Worthy ~ Inner Joy ~ Inner Focus

Something to remember next time you give your Mother a bunch of daffodils for mothers day…


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