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Self Responsibility – Flower Essence Review

Self Responsbility Essence In this months essence review we have chosen to highlight an essence combination that deals with an issue that is fundamental to our ability to evolve into self empowered planetary citizens. This is something that we are being challenged to do with increasing urgency, yet it is also something that we do not find easy because of the legacy of past patterning that we have inherited from our ancestors over many generations. It therefore falls to each of us to change this deeply entrenched patterning by choosing to release every vestige of inherited ‘victim consciousness’ and to step fully into our personal and spiritual empowerment. The underpinning emotion that often blocks us from fully achieving this transformation is unconscious resentment. Unrecognised resentment makes us unwilling to accept that we are the creators of our own reality and can lead us to believe that life is unfair or leave us feeling a victim of the circumstances of our lives. This is hardly surprising given that until comparatively recently we have not had access to the information that would have helped us to better understand how life really works. There would be no place for resentment in a world where each of us fully understood and accepted that we as a soul had chosen all the circumstances of our lives for the gifts that they would offer. We would also recognise that the people in our lives were chosen to share our life experiences because they were the ones that loved us enough to be willing to offer us the opportunities we needed. Difficult though this might be to accept it is our experience that choosing to embrace this perspective can be immensely freeing and can fast track you into a completely new experience of life.

Self Responsibility – Flower, Gem & Crystal Essence Combination

This issue is a deeply embedded one that in some way affects each of us so if you are feeling in need of a little extra help to work with it then we can thoroughly recommend a bottle of Self Responsibility (Divine Harmony Essences). This is a powerful combination of essences that can help to uncover and transform hidden feelings of resentment, bitterness or blame. It will gently help you to see where you have been unconsciously holding others responsible for perceived misfortunes and help you to recognise the gifts you intended to offer yourself from these situations. Above all it will leave you feeling freer and more self empowered. Self Responsibility – Willingness
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