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Flower Essences – Spring Gifts

Cherry PlumWith the abundance of spring flowers in all their glorious beauty everywhere around us, now is perhaps a good time to remind ourselves of the deeper meaning of these bountiful gifts that Mother Nature provides unfailingly every year.

Deep within each amazing bloom lies an energetic patterning that offers us the gift of harmony, balance and wholeness. In ancient times humans were sensitive enough to be able to use the energies from flowers for healing by simply interacting directly with the energy field of the plant, however at our current level of consciousness it is usually easier for us to assimilate these energies in the form of essences. Whichever way we choose to use their energy, their gift is as available to us now as it was in ancient times, we just have to recognise it.

So take a moment to look around your garden, or take a walk in the countryside where you live and see which flowers are calling particularly to you. Maybe you feel attracted to the calming energies of the beautiful Cherry Plum blossom, blooming in so many hedgerows right now, or perhaps the golden-trumpeted daffodils wave at you, reminding you of their ability to help you make a deeper connection with your Higher Self. Soon it will be the turn of the humble dandelion and buttercup to turn our gardens and countryside yellow with their blooms. Both these flowers provide us with great gifts for our healing. Dandelion can bring us the remembrance of how important it is to root ourselves deeply into the ground and to allow the tension from our overworked minds to dissolve down into Mother Earth bringing us freedom from tension and stress in our bodies. Buttercup reminds us that true self worth comes from the recognition that we have all that we need within ourselves and that we simply need to let it shine forth in all its glory, rather like the eye catching beauty of a field of buttercups in full bloom.

When you have discovered which flowers most call out to you, you might like to check out what their energy can help you with by looking them up in the individual essences section of our site.

May the abundant gifts of Mother Nature fill your life with harmony, balance and wholeness!


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