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Supporting Change – New Horizons Essence Review

Garlic Flowers

New Horizons Essence

Essence Range:
Divine Harmony Essences

Combination of:
Garlic, Black-Eyed Susan, Elderflower, Shamrock, Serpentine, Sapphire – Blue

How to Use:
Take four drops on the tongue 3 or 4 times a day
Full How to Use.

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Four years ago when we first reviewed our New Horizons combination, the process of change that we were all going through then felt intense. Now in 2014 it still feels intense and in many ways more challenging because we can see the scale of change that is required more clearly. It is important that we keep in mind just how important the changes that we are going through are and not allow ourselves to become disheartened by the upheaval and chaos that is currently so visible in the world. Everything that is out of alignment with the new patterning has to be released and cleared through the physical plane, because that is where it was originally created. We are all an integral part of this process because we all have physical bodies and as we each transform at a physical level we are helping to lay the foundations for something new to manifest. However, as positive as this process is it can sometimes leave us feeling both breathless and temporarily at a loss as to how to move forward in our lives.

As we see it there is some justification, at least at a personality level for this often very tangible sense of unsureness. Due to the amount of effort we have all devoted to this process of change over the last few years or so, many of us have now reached a point where we find ourselves standing on the threshold of what appears to be unknown territory as we face our future. This is because we have never actually reached this point in our evolution in a physical body before so now we have nothing familiar to pull upon in our memory banks. While this is really very exciting it can also feel rather unnerving as we realise that we are finally free to leave behind the uncomfortable comfort zones of our old patterns and create something new. In effect we are being offered the opportunity to start a new life while retaining the physical body that relates to a previous life.

The New Horizons Combination

If you are feeling in need of a little encouragement and support to step forward right now we can thoroughly recommend a bottle of New Horizons; supporting change combination. This powerful combination of flower and gem essences will remind you of the bigger picture of your life and help you to recognise the wisdom of the changes that you are needing to make in order that you can resonate more fully with your true Self. It will gently assist you to find the inner strength and courage required to keep moving forward and ‘to boldly go where no man has been before’.

Indications – for those who need help to initiate or support change in their lives. Perhaps experiencing a sense of stagnation or inability to see the bigger picture of life.

The New Horizons Combination is part of the Divine Harmony Essence range and you can find it in our Flower Essence Shop here or you can call us on 01379 608059 ( ++44 1379 608059 ) to place an order or find out more.

A good supporting remedy would be Walnut from the Bach Flower Remedies – this also works change and adaptability.


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