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The Motivation Essence – Developing Inspiration

Our Essence Review this month is for the Motivation Essence. This combination of Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences is for those who feel they are lacking in positive motivation or inspiration in life; perhaps experiencing feelings of stagnation, lethargy or feeling unable to take positive action in life.

The Motivation Essence Combination

Motivation Essence - Developing Inspiration

Motivation Essence

Essence Range:
Divine Harmony Flower Essences

How to Use:
Take four drops on the tongue 3 or 4 times a day.
Full How to Use.

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We can all experience periods in our lives where we feel unmotivated and lacking in inspiration.

Sometimes a change and a rest will be the catalyst that turns these stagnant feelings around for us, however if this is not the case we might need to look deeper into the underlying causes of the discomfort.

Lack of motivation or feeling lethargy & stagnation in your life

If you find yourself consistently struggling to feel motivated in life, take a moment to check in with yourself to see where the flow is blocked. Often, we can find ourselves temporarily motivated by externally generated ideas only to find that we lose interest after a short time because it is not something that truly inspires us.

Without the force of our own inner inspiration we lack the impetus necessary to initiate action in our lives. Feelings of stagnation, lethargy and inertia then build up because there is no flow of positive energy to carry things forward.

Issues from Childhood

In this situation, it is worth briefly reviewing your childhood upbringing and educational experiences to see just how much you were encouraged to explore and express your own individual creative inspiration. Sadly, it is not unusual to discover that the answer to this question is ‘very little’ or worse still active discouragement.  Granting yourself permission to be yourself and to follow through with what feels important for you, will start to break the cycle of stagnation and demotivation.

Help from the Motivation combination


The Motivation; developing inspiration combination contains a mix of the following Flower Essences and Gem & Crystal Essences: Sapphire, Tigers Eye, Light Opal, Shamrock, Lime & Quartz Citrine.

This stock level combination of deep acting flower and gem essences is specifically designed to support you through the process of dissolving and releasing any old belief systems and emotional issues that consciously or unconsciously restrict your ability to lead an inspired and motivated life.

How To Use

An effective dose for most adults is 4 drops on the tongue 3 or 4 x a day taken consistently until the bottle is finished.


Motivation Essence

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Help & Advice

If you need any help or advice with this Essence, or if you’d simply like to talk to someone about whether this would be the right Essence for you, please do contact us and we’d be please to help – Contact Us

Catherine Keattch

Catherine is a director at Crystal Herbs and has been with us since the early 1990’s. She is a trained essence practitioner, energy healer, teacher and workshop leader. She loves creating vibrational essences and greatly enjoys making the mother tinctures that allow us to provide our wide range of flower, gem & crystal essences. Her passion is to provide the knowledge, wisdom and tools that will support others to find greater harmony, well-being and spiritual fulfilment in their lives.

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