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Staying in Emotional Integrity

Within the energy flow at the moment there is plenty of potential for anger, impatience, aggression, power struggles and overly emotional reaction in general to be more obvious than normal.

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The energy flow could also temporarily highlight any issues that we might have connected to a lack of self-worth or exaggerate a tendency to self-judgement. Even if we ourselves are not affected by these emotions, others around us may well be. So how can we best deal with any uncomfortable, highly charged emotional situation that might arise, and stay in our emotional integrity?

Dealing With Emotionally Charged Situations

In our experience, the first thing is always to stop, take a deep breath to bring yourself fully into the present moment and notice what is happening, how you are feeling etc. If the situation is triggering something off within you, be sure to own what is yours. Do your best not to match the emotions around you by reacting in kind. Most importantly remember that you always have a choice of how you respond in any given situation. You are a creator and your thoughts & emotions are part of your tool box for creation, whether they are positive or not.

The more balanced, centred and connected you are, the more choices you have and the easier it will be to stay in emotional integrity with yourself.

Choosing The Way You React Emotionally

Exercising your ability to choose rather than react takes practice but with a little bit of focus you will very quickly find yourself in the situation where you can maintain the position of observer, noticing where your ego would like to be right or justify itself because it feels wounded in some way, without choosing to engage in any of those emotions.

From this more neutral perspective, you then have positive options available to you. You can choose an emotional response that will have a calming effect on the situation or you might choose to simply walk away because there is nothing that you can do in that moment to make a difference.

Each time we take the opportunity to choose consciously how we respond to a situation we are contributing to the co-creation of a more expanded template for life that will eventually provide new opportunities for all. Most of all we are staying in emotional integrity with ourselves.

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Essences to Help

You can use our Essence Selector to choose an Essence or combination to help with whatever issues come up for you. Also don’t forget the Bach Flower Remedies – these 38 Remedies are really useful for helping you to balance how you are thinking and feeling in the moment.

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