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Being True to Yourself, Magical May & the Influence of Taurus

It has to be said that imagination was needed this year to see the first days of May as the being the beginning of summer in the northern hemisphere. Despite this the traditional festival of Beltane, which marks the midway point between the spring equinox and the summer solstice has been celebrated and the feminine goddess has again returned albeit to a somewhat chilly reception! Since then the freezing rain, hail and snow has miraculously given way to the warm sunshine we have all been wishing for. Hurray!

Magical May

There is always a magical feel to the energies of May which we particularly look forward to each year. In part this is because it is such a beautiful time of year as everything in the natural world bursts into radiant green and fresh new blossom. May is also a month which brings with it many uplifting spiritual opportunities.

The first three full moon festivals of the astrological year, those in Aries, Taurus and Gemini are particularly important energetic gateways through which potent spiritual energies pour onto the Earth each year. During May, under the influence of the flow of magnified energy pouring through the constellation of Taurus, the focus at an inner plane level is on the integration and consolidation of the inspiration that flowed in from the higher mind during April. The earthy, feminine energies of Taurus that are in such abundance during May, provide us with the ideal energetic environment in which to do this.

The Influence of Taurus

Honesty Flower

The sun moved into Taurus on April 20th so as we write this we are fully in the flow of Taurean energies. We normally experience the maximum effect of a particular astrological sign during the full moon period. This year the full moon in Taurus (Sun in Taurus/Moon in Scorpio) was on April 22nd and a powerful full moon it was too. If you found yourself having a few wobbly moments around this time, take heart you were in good company!

Whatever your particular ‘wobble’ happened to be, recognise it was simply showing you something that still needs a little attention and realignment within. Sometimes in this situation it helps to remember that inflowing cosmic energy is lovingly sent to us to uplift our consciousness but can feel uncomfortable if it hits pockets of resistance based on old stories that we still believe about ourselves.

Within the energies of Taurus there is both the power of creativity and an element of potent magnetic attraction which amplifies the desire to create. In its highest form this energy seeks to blend and harmonise all aspects of creation in beauty and love. It is aligned with the forces of enlightenment that remind us of the need to ‘to be in the world but not of the world’, so that we can use the magnetic power of ‘desire’ to help bring heaven to earth.

Within this energetic flow there is potential for us to find ourselves involved in a review of material versus spiritual values and how these forces currently play out in our lives. The other key components in the energetic picture this month are two retrograde planets, Mercury (in Taurus) and Mars (in Sagittarius) and the increasing influence of the Saturn/Neptune Square all of which will again tend to bring a focus of attention to our beliefs and values in one way or another.

Being True to Yourself

The energies this month will be strongly impulsing us to look more fully into the values, principles and beliefs that we allow to have power in our lives.

The energies this month will be strongly impulsing us to look more fully into the values, principles and beliefs that we allow to have power in our lives.

Maybe you have already become more aware lately just how uncomfortable it feels when you are out of alignment with your own inner truth in some way. This is because it is now really important that we each ‘get real’ with ourselves about what we actually believe and value in life and begin to live fully from this inner source of wisdom. It is entirely possible that in doing this we might find ourselves out of alignment with the generally accepted values and beliefs of the physical world. It is also possible that it might feel temporarily uncomfortable until we get used to the reality that it is perfectly OK to be true to ourselves.

The Taurean values of emotional detachment and the ability to be ‘in the world but not of the world’ are extremely valuable to us in this quest. From this perspective we are able to weave the new threads into the tapestry of life that are required to create a new version of reality for all of us going forward. We each carry vibrational threads that we have brought with us to contribute to this new patterning, however it can be easy to forget that the way we contribute these is by first ‘wearing’ them in our own vibrational makeup, or to put it another way; by walking our talk.


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