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The Healing Power of Allowing

As we write this we are enjoying a magnified flow of Piscean energy, which can be particularly revealing of anywhere we are stuck in the illusion of separation and duality.

Iceberg Rose Flower

The beautiful Iceberg Rose Flower Essence releases and gently dissolves defence barriers that have built up around the heart chakra.

Any aspects of personality that have created identities that are not in resonance with our true self are likely to come into the spotlight for review. These identities usually have a very compelling ‘storyline’ that is held in place by a complex web of emotions and defence patterns originally designed to keep us safe. For example, the pain of perceived rejection and abandonment interwoven with the belief that we are not good enough or a deep fear of failure that constantly sabotages our ability to be creative in life.

Often these old patterns play out unconsciously until something triggers them into our awareness.

Instinctive Resistance

The current energetic focus is very much geared towards helping us to review, resolve and release these old stories so that we can move on in greater wholeness. However, to make the most of this healing opportunity we will need to stay very grounded and aware. Most of us instinctively go into resistance when one of our ‘story aspects’ is triggered, especially when the related emotions are deep and painful. We may project the pain onto a relationship or event in our current life situation without pausing to consider how real this actually is. Many people also try desperately to fix aspects of themselves that they dislike as though there is something wrong with them.

The Power of Allowing

The current energetic focus is geared towards helping us to review, resolve and release old stories so that we can move on in greater wholeness.

So if you should find yourself in entertaining ‘Resistance’ at any time, consider replacing it with ‘Allowing’. Allowing is a very powerful catalyst for transformation because it provides the opportunity for us to see a different perspective than the one previously held. Simply allow what is presenting itself to you, to be there without judgement. Open your heart to it and invite it to have a voice, recognising that it is a wounded part of yourself that wants recognition and integration.

Be allowing of the emotions that surface without attaching them to anything, so that they can dissipate and dissolve. As you make friends with these wounded aspects of self they become your allies and the gifts that they bring strengthen your ability to live life as your true self.

Crystal Herbs

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