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Making Friends with Change

Walnut Flower - Change & Adaptability

The Inevitability of Change

If there is one thing that is certain in life it is the inevitability of change. Our lives are a continuous process of change from birth to death as we gradually move through childhood, puberty, adulthood and old age. Most of us cope with these changing cycles without too much difficulty because they are known and understood. However, we often have much greater difficulty accepting what appears to be unexpected or unwanted change in our lives, because change of this kind usually takes us outside of our carefully constructed comfort zones and into the realms of the unknown. There is then a tendency for us to resist change and to try to cling on to what is familiar, creating much unnecessary pain for ourselves.

We are sure that like us, you have all felt the increased pressure to change those old patterns and ways of being that are no longer appropriate, more & more strongly over recent months. This is hardly surprising when you remember that as part of the huge transformational shift now taking place in our universe we are currently being sent waves of highly transformational consciousness raising energy, with the express intention of helping us to make those much needed changes. Since this is the case it would seem that there is no better time than right now to make friends with the idea of change – there is obviously more to come!

Starting to Make Friends with Change

So here are a few suggestions from us as to how you can start to make friends with change. Firstly, it helps to remember that change is really only a challenge to the personality, which likes to imagine that it has autonomy over the direction of our lives. In reality however, it is the Soul not the personality that is the true guiding force in our life. So when you next find yourself facing what looks like a particularly challenging requirement to change, take time to meditate on the situation until you can see what the higher purpose of this particular challenge is from the perspective of your Soul. This will not necessarily silence your personality’s resistance but it will begin to bring your personality into the correct alignment with your Soul and give you a firm foundation to work from.

Release the Past

The next step is to release the past; personality resistance is always based on the events of the past, either consciously or unconsciously. Take a little time to quietly view the issues that the situation is bringing up for you – what old thought patterns & emotions are being activated? How valid are these in the current situation? Some appropriate essences can be a very effective support to help you transform the old energy that drives these patterns. Fear of some kind is usually the biggest cause of personality resistance so you might find that a bottle of Inner Calm from the Divine Harmony Essences, or Courage from the Inner Child Essences might be very helpful.

Commit to the Present

The next step is to commit to the present; bringing yourself into a state of acceptance that allows that whatever is happening is exactly what should be happening. In other words do not argue with Reality – it will only make things more difficult. Most of us find it very difficult to stay in the present moment when we feel challenged. Some help from a bottle of Being Present from the Divine Harmony Essences range or a Base Chakra combination can really help to keep us focussed in the present.

Unfolding the Future

Lastly remember to allow the future to unfold with ease & grace; allow the flow of life to lovingly embrace you and trust that it always has your highest and best good as its priority. If this feels difficult then maybe you would find a bottle of Faith from the Inner Child Essences or a Heart Chakra combination a useful support.

If you need more help or support as you learn to make friends with change then do be in touch we are always happy to help. So as ever we wish you all the best with your personal growth, and if you need any help or advice, please do contact us here at Crystal Herbs!

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