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The Individual Versus the Group


Leo energy embodies the liberating and uplifting universal principles of Love and Freedom. It brings a focus to the need for enlightened leadership and the right use of will and power so that those things that are for the greatest common good can come
to the fore.

August and the Energies of Leo

As we write this we are in the last days of July and already experiencing the dynamic flow of energy from the constellation of Leo, which will continue to be the prevailing planetary influence for most of the month of August.

The fiery, powerful energies of Leo are associated with the sun and depicted in the western astrological zodiac by the sign of the Lion. Leo energy embodies the liberating and uplifting universal principles of Love and Freedom. It brings a focus to the need for enlightened leadership and the right use of will and power so that those things that are for the greatest common good can come to the fore. Leo energy also stimulates creativity, illumination and the alignment of the heart with the soul.

We will experience the greatest magnification of Leo energies around the time of the full moon on July 31st. This particular full moon is a ‘blue moon’ because it will be the second full moon of the month, something that is a relatively rare event.

There are always heightened opportunities around the time of the full moon because the interplay between the sun and the full moon in opposite signs of the zodiac opens a doorway to a flow of expanded spiritual energies and a magnified flow of consciousness from the particular constellation that the sun is in at the time. This creates a flow of heightened awareness that we can tap into to expand our perceptions and understandings. However this extra illumination can also feel uncomfortable if it turns a spotlight onto any hidden issues or limiting beliefs that still need resolution. This is often the reason why we sometimes experience a sense of heightened tension or inner discomfort around the full moon.

On July 31st the moon will be full in Aquarius opposite the sun in Leo and this energetic interchange will draw our attention towards a particularly important dynamic for us all to review right now. We could describe this dynamic as being that of the individual versus the group.

The Individual Versus the Group


A very necessary and important part of our development as a human being involves learning to become a fully functioning individual capable of negotiating the world. As an integrated personality the physical, emotional and mental aspects of ourselves function reasonably as a unit and we are able to use our personal power effectively. However, once this very necessary foundation is created it should become a platform for a further stage of growth in which the personality self learns to recognise the authority of the soul through the heart and in the process remembers that life is less about the needs and wishes of the separate individual self and more about the contribution that can made to the collective human endeavour.

The energies of Leo powerfully support the development of self through all its stages, however as always our interpretation of how to use this energy to best advantage will be determined by the level of consciousness that we hold. Many people are now at that stage of development where they are very secure in their personality self, so much so that it has become somewhat dominant and unwilling to give way to the voice of the soul through the heart. In this situation the flow of Leo energy could have the effect of exaggerating the dominant personality traits that are causing the lack of alignment. We might experience this as a discomforting resistance in the personality or even outright rebellion depending upon where we are at within ourselves.

The effect of the full moon in Aquarius will also bring an emphasis to any situation where there is a need for less personality dominance. The energies of Aquarius support the humanitarian principles of unity, cooperation & right human relationships. It is the epitome of the stage of consciousness where we align with the soul through the heart to create that which is for the common good of all.

So if the interplay between these two energies brings any areas of personality conflict into prominence for you this month simply take a few breaths and allow your heart to guide you to a higher perspective so that you can more easily let go to the wisdom of the soul.

An extreme example of how this dynamic of the individual versus the group can play out in practice can be seen in the unfortunate and sad situation of Cecil the lion who was killed by a man with such a dominating personality that he appears to have been unable see anything beyond  his own personal pleasures in life.

Sadly this is something that is happening in one way or another all the time, however in this instance his actions have caused such an outcry on social media, that there is at least a possibility that he will now be held to account in one way or another. The growing power of social media is a very good example of the influence of Aquarian energy making itself felt in the world. Of course it can be used for both positive and negative influence depending upon the focus of those who use it but as we all grow in awareness it will become a powerful medium for the expression of the will of the collective group consciousness.


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