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The Eclipse of the Sun in Pisces


Wednesday’s Solar Eclipse

In the very early hours of Wednesday March 9th UK time, there will be a new moon total eclipse of the sun, the only total solar eclipse of 2016. It will not be visible to us here in the UK as its pathway will cross the Pacific & Indian Oceans and Indonesia in particular. However, we will certainly feel the energetic effects of it and can all take advantage of the opportunities that it will bring forward.

The Power of Eclipses

Eclipses tend to shake up our hold on ‘reality’ bringing opportunities for change at both a personal and collective level. They also effect the energetic structure of the Earth offering similar opportunities for making changes at a planetary level. It is perhaps also good to keep in mind that the effects of an eclipse do not disappear when the sun re-emerges. An eclipse creates an energetic imprint that then takes time to play out in our physical reality so in fact we can expect to feel the effects of this eclipse washing around us for the next few months.

At the time of the eclipse Mercury, Moon, Sun, Neptune, Chiron & the south node of the Moon will all be in Pisces, together with several other lesser known but still influential heavenly bodies. The anchor point for all of this watery Piscean energy is Jupiter which is currently occupying Virgo, the polar opposite sign to Pisces. This is an impressive line-up of planets by any standards and one that seems to promise a massive opportunity for spiritual new beginnings.

An Opportunity for Change

There is a persistent background theme to all of the changes taking place at the moment and that is the need for us to allow those old behaviour loops that have underpinned our doing, thinking and feeling for so long to dissolve so that something new can evolve. The energies of the eclipse imbued as they are with so much of the watery, expansive qualities of Piscean energy will offer us a wonderful opportunity to allow more of these old loops to release and reshape. So in the coming days and weeks stay centred in your heart, ground into the Earth and be prepared to go with the flow; a new chapter in the story of change and transformation is just about to begin.

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