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Unravelling Old Agreements

2015 has been a turbulent year in so many ways and looking forward it seems unlikely that 2016 will be greatly different in this respect. In the three years since December 2012 the blueprint of our new template for life has gradually been increasing its influence on our everyday physical reality to the point that there is now no mistaking its affects. Currently the world is full of the noise and chaos of change as the necessary transformational shift takes place, a process that we can expect to continue for some years to come yet.

In this rather unsettling period it will be important that those of us that are awake focus our attention on nurturing the new and tender shoots of what is beginning to grow beneath the more obvious outer effects of change. At a basic level this comes down to the choices we each make and the energies that we give our attention to. This is very much an ongoing process of feeding what we want to create with focus and positivity rather than fighting with anything that we might see as inconsistent with it.

January & the Influence of Capricorn


The sun moves into the constellation of Capricorn on December 23rd beginning a month long flow of magnified Capricornian energy. We are likely to feel the influence of these energies most strongly over the Christmas holiday period especially around the time of the full moon on December 25th. There is a depth and power to these earthy, uncompromising energies that we can really use to our advantage over the coming month if we stay focused on what we want to achieve. Both tenacity and ambition are qualities inspired by Capricornian energies. These qualities can either be used to further selfish materialistic ambition or they can be channelled into a co-creative force that inspires new more expanded opportunities for all the human family. As always the choice is ours and the energies will simply highlight and support the choices we make whether these are conscious or unconscious.

The very best way to use this month’s energy flow to advantage is to know what you want to create, make clear choices and then act upon them.

Set against the backdrop of magnified Capricornian energies this month we also have several other potent planetary influences that will combine together to create an energetic flow that is both volatile and unpredictable in nature as well as extremely supportive of active, dynamic transformation. In this energy flow there is potential for old polarities to be emphasised and divisions between groups with different ideologies to be widened rather than being brought together, so pay particular attention to what is revealed to you this month and be sure to own what is yours and release the rest without judgement. The very best way to use this month’s energy flow to advantage is to know what you want to create, make clear choices and then act upon them.

Unravelling Old Agreements


One way that we could look at the current process of change is to see it as a wholesale ending of old agreements. For so long coming into a body on earth has required that we conform to the agreements that relate to a third dimensional existence. Now that we are no longer limited by these old agreements they are quickly beginning to unravel and break down, a process that is becoming particularly obvious within the dynamics of family life for many people right now.

We have all made agreements to co-create particular dynamics and experiences with those in the family groups we incarnated into. From a soul perspective there was an important reason for these choices, although many of us have struggled along the way to understand what this might have been as viewed from the perspective of the personality. However, as we get to this time of the unravelling of agreements the relevance of some of those choices is finally becoming clearer. By thoroughly immersing ourselves into the dynamics of the old third dimensional patterns that have played out in all family groups, we now get the opportunity to ensure that all of these old energies are consciously released and transformed so that no one in our particular family line need experience them again.

Right now you may well be feeling this shift as a heightened awareness of the need to free yourself from the grip of old family patterns so that you can finally be free to be yourself. If so, now would be an excellent time to act upon your inner knowing while the energies are so supportive of change. It is interesting to observe that increasingly there is at least one person in a family who is more conscious and awake than the others, a situation designed to ensure that we will all help each other to ‘wake up’. However the plan does rely on those more awake to follow through on the job, so over the Christmas and New Year period look for any opportunities you might encounter to make new choices that will take everyone forward into 2016 with greater freedom.


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