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The Issue of Power

August and the Energies of Leo & The Issue of Power

We are not sure how July managed to slip by quite so quickly but somehow it has and here we are at the beginning August, already in the eighth month of the year.

We love August for its potential for hot summer weather and the relaxation of time out for holidays, but it’s arrival also brings with it a slight tinge of regret that it is the last month of ‘real summer’ before the season begins to change. So this month we intend to enjoy everything that summer has to offer to the full. Hope you can join us!

August and the Energies of Leo

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The energy flow during August promises to have a somewhat changeable dynamic to it that might feel unsettling and even disorientating if we do not take care to stay firmly connected to our own inner knowing. Look out for particular spikes of energetic intensity around the full moon on August 18th and again after the sun moves into Virgo on August 23rd.  However, the flavour of the energetic intensity will feel different this month because Mars, finally in forward motion again, has just moved out of Scorpio into Sagittarius and Saturn is due to turn direct on August 13th. This will have the effect of changing our filter of perception so that new awareness’s can come into view.

As August gets underway we are already in the dynamic flow of energy from the constellation of Leo, which will be our prevailing planetary influence for a large part of the month. The fiery, powerful energies of Leo are associated with the Sun and depicted in the western astrological zodiac by the sign of the Lion.

It is significant that Leo is the only sign in the zodiac to have the same planetary ruler at all three levels of astrological interpretation, so whether we look from a personality, soul or monadic perspective the Sun is always the ruler of Leo. This unique relationship with the sun at the heart of our universe is an indication of just how powerfully transformational the energies of Leo can be.

The liberating, universal principles of Love and Freedom flow through the constellation of Leo, energies that particularly stimulate the alignment of the heart with the soul and illuminate the need for the development of the right use of power and the will to create that which can serve the common good. The positive potential contained within this energetic flow is clearly enormous yet as always our ability to use it will be limited by the level of consciousness through which it is received.

The Issue of Power

The liberating, universal principles of Love and Freedom flow through the constellation of Leo, energies that particularly stimulate the alignment of the heart with the soul and illuminate the need for the development of the right use of power.

As we have said, one of the issues that the energies of Leo can bring into focus for us is that of the right use of power. So under the magnified flow of Leonian energy this month we could well find ourselves challenged to review whether the personality or the soul is in the driving seat of our lives and whether we are using our creative power for selfish or unselfish purposes. Looking around the world right now it is clear that this is currently a very big issue for humanity as a collective.

Everywhere you look the shadow side of humanity is being revealed more and more clearly and nowhere more so than in the struggle for power and control that is currently playing out on the world stage in almost every aspect of life. The energetic flow this month has the potential to highlight these issues even more strongly so a question we could usefully ask ourselves is; what is the most helpful way that we can respond to what we see?

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Power and control belong to the old third dimensional matrix that is currently in the process of breaking apart. The new fifth dimensional template is already in place and we are all in the process of coming into alignment with it, however we cannot take old energy constructs like out of balance power and control with us into that new reality. Consequently, we are seeing these old games being played out in the world around us as the necessary changes take place. It is not a comfortable picture to view as all of the divisions, lies, deceits and abuses of power become ever more visible for all to see.

On a bad day it might even seem somewhat scary, leaving us to wonder if the world is really breaking apart. Remember in those moments of doubt and uncertainty that all is well and that everything is working out as it needs to. Keep in mind that it is through the energetic response that we each choose to make as individuals that we can make the most positive contribution to the changes we all want to see happen. From this perspective it is important that we do not engage in the polarity of power by responding with judgement as this simply adds fuel to the fire that is already raging. Instead if we can choose to observe the game from a neutral space, recognise it for what it is and make a different choice for ourselves we are continually strengthening the new energetic template and our connection to it. Eventually the old games will simply stop because they are no longer being supported energetically.

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