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Changing The Way We Perceive Ourselves

Keeping Pace

To keep pace with the current speed of change taking place within us it is important that we develop the habit of paying attention to what comes into our awareness, so that we can make a conscious choice to relinquish old perceptions for the new more expanded versions that are now available to us.

This is a simple process but one that does not necessarily feel easy. Currently our default perception of ourselves comes through the unconscious filter of ‘separate from’; separate from the earth, separate from spirit, separate from others etc. While we may consciously understand that this is not the case many of our unconscious perceptions of ourselves still remain firmly rooted in this incorrect belief. Many other misperceptions are also directly connected with it; disempowerment, an inability to love and appreciate ourselves and a disconnection from the consequences of our lack of responsible stewardship of our planet, to name but a few.

In today’s energy flow our consciousness is expanding rapidly and these old misperceptions are beginning to loosen up and will simply dissolve if we are willing to allow them the space to do so. This seems like a simple ‘no brainer’ of a choice until we come up against the resistance created by our old belief system. Emotions like anger, fear, guilt, blame and lack of self-worth lie at the back of this resistance and can present a very persuasive argument for keeping the status quo in place, unless we can see them for the misperceptions that they are.

To see past the misperceptions we need to look from the perspective of ourselves as soul rather than just personality. You as soul had a particular purpose for incarnating and carefully set up the circumstances and vibrational patterning that would give you the best opportunity to fulfil this purpose. This included making the necessary agreements with those souls with whom you now share your life experience. Of course few of us remember this when we are actually living out the chosen life experience which may and may not be perceived by the personality as comfortable or desirable. Seen from a perspective of ‘separate from’ it can be very easy to see ourselves as a victim of circumstance and forget that we as soul have intention and purpose for each and every physical experience. Recognition and acceptance of this simple fact go a long way to helping us change our perception of past events and situations.

So next time you come up against something old and difficult inside yourself try looking at the situation through the eyes of your soul to see what the purpose of the experience was. As soon as you recognise that you have not failed or got it wrong or were not a victim it is much easier to let go and move on.


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