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Alexandrite – Gem Essence



We’re very excited to have just received a new piece of Alexandrite. This beautiful gemstone has the amazing ability to change its colour; green or blue-green in daylight, Alexandrite turns a soft shade of red or purple-red under incandescent light. Its quite rare and was first discovered in Russia around 1884 and was named in honor of Alexander Nicholavich – later to become Tsar Alexander 2.

Alexandrite Gem Essence

As a Gem Essence the transformational energies of Alexandrite have the ability to draw one into alignment with Divine Will and to bring forward whatever changes are right for your growth now. At an emotional level Alexandrite helps to promote a greater emotional maturity and the ability to take responsibility for ones self. It particularly helps feelings of low self-esteem and uncenteredness and encourages a greater experience of joy and interconnection with nature. At an energetic level Alexandrite opens the spleen chakra and aligns the mental, emotional and etheric bodies.

Alexandrite is available as a single Gem Essence here or as part of the Feeling Worthy combination here.


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