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Inner Freedom – Flower Essence Review

14 December, 2009 Crystal Herbs 0
Essence Review – Inner Freedom from the Divine harmony Essences In this essence review we felt that we would like to highlight an essence combination that seems to be often overlooked despite its potential for […]
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Flower Essences

Emotional Gardening

7 February, 2008 Crystal Herbs 0
Even though the weather may still be somewhat wintry as January gives way to February, the daylight hours are perceptibly longer and the first spring flowers are shyly coming forth in our gardens. Everywhere we […]
Bach Flower Remedies

Beech – Bach Flower Remedies

17 July, 2007 Crystal Herbs 0
The Beech remedy, made from the flowers of the beautiful Beech tree, helps us when we feel intolerant or critical of ourselves or others. Beech – Bach Flower Remedies Beech helps those who need to […]