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I can’t get over a relationship which ended a few months ago……

End of a Relationship

When an important relationship ends, you may feel bereft, abandoned or rejected. Break-ups can bring our past experiences of loss, separation, grief or fear to the surface. These feelings may originate in childhood, or even earlier from other lifetimes. Indeed, this is part of the Karmic contract we have with significant people in our lives – to bring these buried wounds to the surface so they can be felt, acknowledged and transformed.

Endings are always an opportunity for transformation

When you are healing pain from the end of a relationship, you are actually doing deeper inner work to restore the essence of Love to the heart of your being where it belongs. While on one level you are feeling the pain of the relationship ending, on another level you are healing the primal wound of separation from Love which we are all here to transform, whether we’re conscious of it or not.

One of the strongest unconscious beliefs that we are here to transform is the belief that love is an emotion which is generated by someone or something outside of ourselves, rather than an innate part of our being. This is rarely in our conscious awareness, but operates instead at a deeply unconscious level. When you believe, deep down, that love comes from outside yourself you will think that love is only available to you when it’s provided by another person. When the relationship with the person who seemed to provide you with love comes to an end, you could feel that you have lost your connection to love itself.

Letting Go from the Divine Harmony range has been created specifically to transform these feelings. It helps to dissolve emotional pain caused by separation, divorce or bereavement so is a very good choice if the relationship coming to an end has brought up painful feelings of loss: Letting Go Essence.

Bleeding Heart Flowers

Exploring the Emotional Complications

You may find that other emotions are being brought to the surface by the end of the relationship.  Creating a quiet space to tune into how you are feeling will help you choose the best essences for your current situation. We recommend that you read the full descriptions of each of these suggestions on the website and notice if any of the descriptions resonate more than others. Ask your higher self to give you an inner sense of which one will help you most.

Has the relationship ending brought up feelings of grief, loss and sorrow? 

The end of a relationship can activate strong feelings of grief that most likely originate in previous experiences where grief wasn’t released but instead got buried deep in the unconscious. When the end of a relationship activates that old buried grief in our systems, the pain feels deeper than what we might expect from the end of the relationship itself. That’s because it is – feelings of deep grief mean you are ready to transform unresolved grief either from this lifetime or from ancient origins.

Healing Bereavement from the Divine Harmony range will support you with this: Healing Bereavement Essence.

Do you feel wronged, betrayed or furious with your ex?

Sometimes the end of a relationship brings feeling of anger and rage to the surface towards your ex, yourself or both. The potential for love, connection and growth that any relationship offers at the start can feel like a sharp contrast to the feelings of disappointment and confusion that arise when a relationship breaks down at the end. It’s common and natural to feel angry at your ex, at yourself, or both. You may even feel angry at life itself! Anger is a very normal human emotion, yet it is also one of the more difficult emotions for us to own and bring into balance. Often this stems from a childhood where it was considered ‘bad’ or inappropriate to express anger or rage.

Inner Peace from the Divine Harmony range helps anger about the relationship ending to arise safely and appropriately so it can be released, and you will feel at peace: Inner Peace Essence.

‘Why has this happened to me?’ ‘I didn’t deserve this.’ ‘It’s not fair.’

Inner Peace Essence

You may find yourself asking questions like these when it wasn’t you who ended the relationship. Resentment, bitterness and blame often surface when a relationship ends. These feelings build up when we are unable to own and express feelings of anger, rage or hurt, and close the heart chakra blocking our ability to forgive or to see the higher perspective.

If you find yourself blaming your ex or feeling bitterness and resentment towards them, Self Responsibility from the Divine Harmony range will help you to feel greater forgiveness, personal empowerment and understanding: Self Responsibility Essence.

Does the break-up have a strong emotional charge or not?

The Divine Harmony range works very well when strong feelings have been activated by a situation, and you can feel that there is a lot of emotional charge that needs to be released. One of the benefits of using these combinations is that they release old pain so we can respond to situations in our lives in a healthy adult way instead of reacting emotionally based on unconscious triggers from unprocessed past experiences.

Sometimes, however, we are not looking for the deep transformation offered by the Divine Harmony Essences, but simply need some gentle spiritual support to restore us to centre. In situations like that, the Angel and Rose Essences will bring comfort and support to your heart, reminding you of the love that you are and which, in truth, you were never separate from.

Angel of Love Essence works with the frequencies of unconditional love and will gently help you to activate this energy within your own heart chakra. It will guide you to recognise the difference between this kind of love and its lower frequency counterpart based on emotional attachment. Ask for the help of this powerful Angel to see the places within yourself that are calling out for more unconditional loving acceptance: Angel of Love.

Unconditional Love Rose Essence holds the vibrational frequency of unconditional love and will take you deep within your own heart chakra to connect with the infinite source of love held within. Allow it to help you expand the spark of Divine Unconditional Love within your heart chakra and connect you more fully with the radiance of your true self: Unconditional Love Rose Essence

We hope these suggestions are helpful if you’re currently going through a relationship break-up. If you know somebody else who would benefit from this post, please feel free to share this with them.


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