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Worlds Within Worlds


As I write this we are experiencing some exceptionally high winds for September in the UK and also some much needed rain to nurture the thirsty land, left parched by the hot sunshine of August. There is an unsettled feel to the weather which speaks of the changing seasons and the autumn and winter to come. This theme of unsettledness seems to be reflected in just about everything that is going on in our world right now, creating many challenges for us all both personally and collectively.

Challenging times

Over the last month we have experienced our share of challenges here at Crystal Herbs, not the least of which was the sudden loss of our website and email system due to a serious server failure at our hosting company. As some of you may be aware this failure lasted for several days, leaving us frustratingly cut off from the world and in a situation that we were not able to directly resolve ourselves. Having dealt with our immediate concerns over lost orders and unsatisfied customers in the best way we could, we turned to reflecting upon the wider perspective of what was going on. In this sort of situation the temptation to blame others can seem enticing, however with a little bit of effort we remembered that since nothing happens by chance, our best way forward was to stay calm and balanced and to work with the issues that were ours in the situation. There was a noticeably shift of energy as we moved into our hearts and energetically supported a positive outcome for all concerned in the situation, which of course manifested in our physical reality in due course.

Engaging the quantum worlds of infinite potential

This situation made us realise just how much we truly are the creators of our own realities and how we live in a world within which there are many other worlds of possibility and potential available to us at any given moment. At the level of our everyday consciousness we are apparently surrounded by a world of concrete reality in which everything appears fixed into particular structures and familiar, predictable patterns. This is the world as perceived by our left brain and logical mind. However by a simple shift of awareness we can also engage with the fluid worlds of quantum reality that exist beyond the world created by our everyday consciousness. This shift of awareness is an art that we must learn to perfect because it is from these fluid realms of infinite possibility that we will find the solutions to all the challenges that we face in our everyday world both personally and collectively.

09 09 09

The 09-09-09 gateway this month will offer us a powerful opportunity to connect with and move deeper into, this level of expanded awareness. The massive flood of Unconditional Love that will flow onto the Earth at this time will open a doorway of opportunity into the quantum worlds of fluid love which we will be able to tap into through the consciousness of the heart. We are all familiar with this state of expanded awareness because we automatically move into it when we meditate, experience love and joy or are absorbed in creative pursuits. Sharing fun and laughter with others, walking or relaxing in nature will also quickly move us into this space. As we align ourselves fully with this level of awareness we will have access to the quantum worlds of infinite potential and possibility. Anything that we wish to change in our more concrete 3D world can be altered from this level of consciousness. When we see an old situation, pattern or issue with acceptance and love the higher octave of truth contained within these old creations is set free and so are we.

Changing realities

Understanding that the challenges that we are all facing in our lives right now are there to awaken us to the parts of ourselves that need realigning and rebalancing is both important and empowering. The less time we spend purely in the concrete reality of the left brain mind the quicker we will be able to release the old patterns that keep us stuck in the old paradigm of 3D reality. We are each a tiny aspect of the Whole and as we each expand our consciousness and release the patterns of the past from within ourselves, the old paradigm is gradually loosing its grip and slipping away. With a little bit of practice it will become easier and easier to see this and to stay focussed and balanced no matter what is apparently going on around us. In this way we learn to live in the world of the heart while at the same time experiencing the world of concrete reality.

Vibrational essences are wonderful tools to help us with this ongoing process of change and transformation. They carry a level of consciousness that comes from beyond the concrete world of the 3D and can quickly help us to melt through any old energy that is restraining our ability to engage new perspectives and realities.

Crystal Herbs

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Stan Crediton
Stan Crediton
14 years ago

Thanks – very insightful

14 years ago

I have read the article based on the worlds within worlds.I like post very much as it contain informative knowledge.I Agree with the of changing realities.Thats true that the inside the world there is another line of world which has its own rules and regulations to prefer for living.I want to know suggestion from others.