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Listening to the Wisdom of the Heart


May Energetics

The prevailing planetary influence for a large part of May comes to us from the constellation of Taurus, represented astrologically by the sign of the bull. The earthy, feminine energies of Taurus bring forward the forces of enlightenment and the principle of illumination.  They speak to us of the need to learn ‘to be in the world but not of the world’, to release our attachment to the purely physical and to cultivate the power of our desire nature to help create a better world for all.  Desire in all its forms can be particularly activated under the influence of Taurus so this month we may well find ourselves needing to review any areas of life where attachment and desire hold us focussed on the material plane so that we can stay aligned with the larger perspective of the soul and the divine plan.

The energy this month is also going to be very much influenced by the disruptive effects of a challenging aspect between the two planetary giants, Uranus and Pluto, which will be particularly potent on May 20th. Unpredictable and erratic Uranus brings change, revolution and awareness, while Pluto fosters destruction, transformation and renewal. As these two potent forces square each other in the heavens we are likely to find ourselves once again embroiled in the challenging chaos that large-scale change tends to generate in our world.

Listening to the Wisdom of the Heart


As we reflect upon this it seems to us that it will be particularly important that we cultivate detachment this month and remember to view whatever might transpire as an opportunity to let go of what is no longer of value so that regeneration and renewal can take place. May is a month in which the spiritual energies of Love and Wisdom are especially abundant in their availability. When we make the conscious choice to be receptive to these positive and expansive vibrations simply by opening our awareness to their presence, the knowing of what to release and how to move forward becomes very clear. However, this clarity and vision is to be found only in the stillness of the heart. If we allow ourselves to follow the well-worn habit of consulting the lower mind for its opinion the story we get will be very different, one that is inevitably based on the past, projected into the future. We then become rather like a radio that is only capable of receiving programs from a very limited bandwidth. Other possibilities are out there in the ethers but we do not connect with them because our receiving mechanism is either permanently or temporarily switched off. So as we see it, it will be important this month that we each choose to stay very firmly connected to the wisdom of our hearts, clear in our choices and fully aware that by choosing to broadcast positive, uplifting vibrations not only will we attract joy and fulfilment into our own lives we will also be holding a vibration that will assist the collective to hold steady through the very necessary process of change.



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