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Why are dates such as 08 08 08 significant?

These are powerful dates because they form a part of the pathway of alignments and energy gateways that are being used to promote a huge expansion of consciousness both within Mother Earth, and her inhabitants in the years leading up to 2012. Each one represents a moment in time when everything is in alignment to facilitate the download of new energetic patterns into the energy grids of Mother Earth that will replace the old misaligned energy patterns from which we have all created our current reality. These new energy patterns come from the blueprint of Divine Perfection held by the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth and are released back onto the Earth as the collective consciousness of humanity is ready to receive them. Of course outside of the illusion of the everyday world in which we appear to be separate from each other, the Earth, our brothers and sisters of Light and our Source we are all connected and very much a part of this plan for raising the collective human consciousness back to a level where we again have the choice to live in peace and love with each other. Our part of the plan as humans in incarnation is to be open to receive and anchor each download of new energy so that it can become a part of our collective reality. This happens through the collective focus of awakened individuals on dates such as 08 08 08 amplified by the positive collective focus on events such as the opening of the Olympic Games which this year of course coincides with the 08 08 08 alignment. The energy that we will receive through this window of opportunity on the 8th August will reset the Earths energy grids to the patterning of Divine Abundance & Prosperity. As we anchor this incredible gift of energy into our collective reality it will create immense positive change in our world over the next months and years. The huge pattern of poverty consciousness that has so dominated our world will no longer have any substance and can at last become a part of our history. Take a moment to imagine what this will mean for us both collectively and individually and with gratitude in your heart listen to your own Soul as it guides you how to celebrate and align with the energy of 08 08 08.
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