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Which Path do you Choose?


The energy of 2015 seems to be saying, there is no going back, the only way is forward, what do you choose to create?

January and the Energies of Capricorn

The prevailing planetary influence for most of January comes to us from the constellation of Capricorn, represented by the glyph of the mountain goat in personality-based astrology and the unicorn in soul based astrology.

Within the focussed flow of Capricornian energy we are particularly impulsed to find new ways to transcend the limitations imposed by a purely material view of life and to use the resulting wisdom and detachment to co create new more expanded opportunities for humanity as a whole.

Since this is a particularly strong element of the ongoing process of change anyway, using the energetic flow during January to our advantage will certainly serve us in good stead as we go through the next few months of 2015.

As we write this we are still bathing in the energies of the full moon in Cancer opposite the sun in Capricorn. Full moon energy always brings a certain intensity with it because by its very nature it tends to illuminate anything unresolved that still requires our attention. This particular full moon had an added ‘edge’ to its intensity because its position in the heavens meant that it also reignited the energies of the Pluto/Uranus square that has been such a feature of the astrology of the last few years. Possibly you might have registered this as a feeling of inner tension or a reminder of issues that were going on for you in the early part of last year when the influence of the square was particularly strong. If so, take the opportunity to notice and resolve anything that was illuminated for you over the last few days because the Pluto/Uranus square has not finished with us yet.

These two planets will again be in exact opposition to each other in the middle of March just prior to the spring equinox, creating an energetic influence that will last through the greater part of 2015. From previous experience this is not an influence to take lightly because its nature is very direct and to the point. Where there is a need for change and transformation that is exactly what we will get, ready or not!

Which Path Do You Choose?

Which path do you choose

As we have mentioned in previous newsletters, in December 2012 a new template for life on Earth was installed at an energetic level. This replaced the old 3D template and provided us with access to a completely new level of consciousness. Since then this new ‘operating system’ has been gradually embedding itself into our awareness, nudging us to explore what is now possible.

At first this was a subtle process that took place mostly on an inner energetic level, however now the changes required for us to fully align with the new template are beginning to show up clearly in the manifest world of physical form. Looking around the world it is very noticeable that the noise and chaos of change have increased in volume and intensity over the last year, while the previously stable structures of society appear increasingly fragile. Indeed many of these structures are unlikely to survive the winds of change unless they can be flexible enough to adjust their values and ethics to match the consciousness of the new template.

And it is not just in the world around us that change has become more evident either. Many people over the last 12 months have found that the speed of internal change that they have willingly embraced has created physical issues and discomforts as their physical body struggles to adjust quickly enough to the corresponding changes required of it.

So as we begin 2015 it is becoming more obvious that anything rooted in the consciousness of the old template is literally creaking at the seams. This is nothing to be concerned about, in fact it is all very much a part of the plan, however it does require our conscious attention. Up to now it has been possible for us to go along with one foot in the old template and the other in the new as we adjusted and realigned, however as we progress through 2015 we will begin to see the gap in consciousness between the old and new templates widening.

In effect two parallel paths are opening up and we are being requested to choose which we are going to follow, the old or the new. At first sight this might seem like a ‘no brainer’ of a question, however since we each have a part of ourselves still rooted into the old consciousness it will require that we continually pay attention to the choices we make going forward if we want to align fully with the new template. Discernment, focus, intention and conscious action will all be important.


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