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Weaving the web of life

Spiders WebAs we write this we are at the beginning of the glorious month of May and enjoying the early onset of summer that the exceptionally dry and warm spring has brought forward for us this year. We are also enjoying the feminine, earthy energies flowing from the constellation of Taurus, an energetic influence that will continue to affect us throughout much of the month of May. In its highest form the energy of Taurus seeks to bring illumination and enlightenment to the world through the penetrating force of Divine Will. The illumination that it brings this month will help us all to review where attachment and desire keep us too focussed in the material world and encourage us to realign with the larger perspective of the soul and the Divine Plan.

Wesak Festival

May has long been associated with the Buddha, the great eastern spiritual master who is said to have been born, achieved enlightenment and died under the influence of the sign of Taurus. Each year the second great spiritual festival of the year, the Festival of Wesak, is celebrated at the full moon when the sun is in Taurus, which this year is on May 16th. At the time of this full moon the Buddha, as the expression of the Wisdom of God, the embodiment of light and the indicator of divine purpose joins forces with the Christ, the great spiritual master who is the expression of the Love of God to pour forth the blessings of the second Ray of Love and Wisdom in a ceremony that takes place on the etheric planes over the Wesak Valley in Tibet. This potent spiritual offering creates a free passageway of inspiring uplifting energy that irradiates the collective consciousness of humanity, strengthening the light within each one of us and carrying us towards new heights of awareness and understanding.

Weaving the web of life

As we contemplate the blessings of love that are poured forth each year at the Festival of Wesak it seems important to remember that we must each choose to be the earthly receivers of these blessings in order that they may be used to greatest effect in the physical world of form in which we live. Not only must we be open to receive but also willing to take the energy out into the world in the form of new ideas, innovative ways of doing things or inspired understandings. Right now new ideas are very much needed and waited for. We are in a period of transition and change in which the old is crumbling and the new is yet to be fully revealed. What will come forward as a result of this change will be revealed through each one of us as we choose to embody new ways of thinking and being. How we choose to do this will be different for each of us because we all have unique gifts and talents to offer to the world. So take time this month to honour the gifts so generously offered and to contemplate how you might use them in new and innovative ways in your life. How will you choose to illuminate and weave your thread of creation into the great web of life this month?

Powerful in-flowing spiritual energies such as those that are available at the time of the Wesak Festival can be both uplifting and unsettling. They filter down to us via the web of life and to reach the physical world must be collected by the soul and then absorbed by the personality. High frequency energies will seek out and release old patterns of vibration that do not resonate with the light of truth. It can feel unsettling as old issues that we thought were finished come to the fore once more. If this is your experience remember that this simply means that release and repatterning is taking place, be kind to yourself and allow the old to be released without giving it too much attention.

We are now in a flow of energy that will feel more fluid and supportive for the birthing of new projects than of late. However it can also seem challenging to step forward into the world with new ideas when there is seemingly so much uncertainty and chaos around us. It is therefore important to maintain clarity of purpose and not to get caught up into any emotional dramas that might otherwise claim our attention.

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More information about the Wesak Festival and how to join in with the worldwide meditations that take place at this time and every month on the full moon, is available from the Lucis Trust

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