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Unconditional Love & the 12 12.


It seems hardly possible that we could have reached the end of another year, yet here we are already in December. What a tumultuous and momentous year it has been with so many opportunities for change and growth that we have often not known whether we were standing on our heads or our heels – we’re sure you will know what we mean!

As we reflect back over the year we are struck by just how much of an illusion time has become. While the year seems to have disappeared at warp speed it is also quite difficult to remember what we felt like at the beginning of the year – almost as though a much greater quantity of time has passed than just twelve months. All this goes to show just how our collective relationship with time has changed as the vibrational frequency of both Mother Earth and ourselves has continued to rise. We are also aware of a sense of inner excitement as we see all of the energetic changes that have been put in place over recent years beginning to manifest as change at a physical level.

December not only marks the end of the calendar year but also the end of a personal cycle

December is always a powerful month energetically containing as it does both the 12 12 Gateway and the Solstice on the 21st. In addition December not only marks the end of the calendar year but also the end of a personal cycle and we can often find ourselves suddenly driven from within to complete unfinished projects both esoterically and physically during December so as to be ready for our annual review. As the old year gives way to a new one each of us will go before the Karmic board on the inner planes to review what we have achieved over the past twelve months and to set a new focus for the coming year. It is also at this time that we are assigned new guides and teachers to help us with our chosen focus.

Energetically the month of December this year is going to offer us all a particularly grand opportunity to consolidate all of the work that we have done both collectively and individually over the year. Firstly we have the powerful 12 12 Gateway which opens each year on the 12th December offering us the opportunity to receive an outflow of Unconditional Divine Love from our Cosmic Parents. Be open to receive this gift of love and allow it to assist you to unite the inner masculine and feminine aspects of yourself and to help you to become a greater expression of your true self. This year the December full moon falls on the 12th and will magnify this energy, illuminating any aspects of ourselves that need a greater focus of love to come into alignment. During the nine days that follow the 12 12 we will receive a huge amount of help and support from our brothers and sisters in the Realms of Light to achieve his new level of unity within ourselves so that we can take full advantage of the opportunities presented by the energies of the Solstice on December 21st.  At this time there will be a great expansion of Light within our Universe that will open a doorway for each of us on Earth that is ready to move into a higher level of consciousness to do so.

Wow, what exciting times we live in and what a magnificent opportunity we are being gifted with. Of course as we all know, change can sometimes be challenging for the personality so to assist you with keeping a higher perspective we would like to offer you a few suggestions for essences that you might find particularly supportive over the coming month.
Firstly, lets look at that new level of masculine and feminine balance we will be seeking to achieve. Before we can fully unite these two energies within us, each must be balanced and whole. Over the next few weeks we could become particularly aware of any old issues that still prevent this. So for issues with the inner feminine either an Inner Child Mother essence or a Female Essence would be helpful, while for issues with the inner masculine either an Inner Child Father essence or a Male Essence would be good. Often when working with issues related to these two aspects of ourselves forgiveness becomes important. In this case you might find a Forgiveness Combination an invaluable friend. We would also recommend Integration Essence to assist you in creating greater unity and integration between your inner masculine and feminine aspects.

Being as open as possible to accept the vibrations of Unconditional Love will be particularly important this month and the Rose Collection Combination Unconditional Love might make a wonderful Christmas gift for yourself or someone you love to assist with this.

Last but by no means least a reminder to invite the Archangels and Ascended Masters to assist and guide you as you step more firmly into the power of your own love & light over the next few weeks. To assist with this you might consider using your special Christmas discount on a set of the Archangel and Ascended Master Essences. These provide a powerful focus for invoking the assistance of these beautiful beings of light and also make very special gifts for friends and family during the festive season. Our particular favourites to call upon are Archangel Michael to help us with the courage and strength to keep going and Divine Mother to help us stay in the feminine flow of love and creativity. 

If you would like to find out more about the opportunities of the 12 12 and the Solstice there is some wonderful information from Mary Magdalene channelled by Michelle Eloff which you can find on her website www.thelightweaver.org.

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