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Influence & Transformation, Scorpio Style


November And The Influence of Scorpio

Inner reflection, transformation and renewal will all be important themes this month as we come under the influence of the watery intense energies of the constellation of Scorpio. Scorpio energies challenge us to dig deep into the dark depths of our unconscious so that any unresolved emotions, buried fears, hidden secrets or unrecognised agendas can be brought into the light of awareness for transformation. For many the penetrating spotlight of the full moon on October 29th has already provided an illuminating preview of the issues that will be up for transformation this month.

Planetary configurations and alignments including the presence of Saturn in Scorpio will further reinforce a focus on transformation, particularly at a collective level, ensuring that nothing of importance is allowed to slip past our awareness. Just in case you manage to miss the message in the earlier part of the month, the energy of the new moon solar eclipse on November 13th will re-emphasise the need for us to allow old reference points from the past to ‘die’ so that we can use the opportunity to sow new seeds for the future. To help all this along, Mercury turns retrograde on November 6th ushering a three-week period in which inner communication, review and reflection will all be enhanced and outer communication systems liable to disruption.

Transformation, Scorpio Style

There is an intensity and focus in the energetic flow this month that is very positive provided that we can manage to stay out of resistance. However Scorpio’s ‘death and rebirth’ version of transformation can feel rather like being in the path of an enormous storm such as the one that hit the eastern side of the US recently. It can literally feel life threatening when an old part of us needs to ‘die’ so that a new more expanded version of ourselves can come forward. Before we know where we are we can find ourselves falling right into an old pattern of resistance. The watery energies of Scorpio also tend to trigger buried emotions, squeezing them to the surface of awareness with an intensity that can trigger a state of temporary ‘emotional meltdown’ if we allow ourselves to get caught up in them.

At a personality level there is no doubt that transformation of this kind can feel challenging. Under these circumstances it can be easy to forget that it is we who are directing the process of change at a multidimensional level, with full awareness of our agreement to be a part of the birthing of a new consciousness on our planet. This collective project is very much a work in progress and our individual contribution at an everyday level is more important than we sometimes realise. Each time we consciously choose to respond rather than react in an old way, choose a higher emotion over a lower one or look for a more expanded perspective in a difficult situation we are laying new foundations and illuminating the pathway for others to follow. Most importantly we are also contributing to the creation of a positive grid of vibrational frequencies that will be able to hold the vibration of the collective consciousness of humanity steady as we go forward beyond 2012. It takes only a relative few to hold this space for the many, but to accomplish it we must acknowledge, accept and integrate both the ‘light’ and ‘dark’ sides of ourselves, a process that the energies available this month will both stimulate and support to the full.

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