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The Spirit of Right Relationship


As we write this we are enjoying the glorious and abundant roses that are in full bloom all around us at the moment and contemplating the astonishing fact that we are already in the sixth month of the year with the June solstice only just around the corner. The month of June takes us into the prevailing planetary influence of the constellation of Gemini, represented astrologically by the sign of the twins. In its highest form the energy of Gemini promotes harmony and synthesis in relationships of all kinds through the fusing of polarities. Experienced on the physical plane through the everyday personality, this energy can tend to exaggerate conflict and unresolved polarity in order that harmony and balance can ultimately be achieved. We can therefore expect that these energies will be encouraging us to seek balance, harmony & right relationship in all areas of life.

We will experience the synthesising aspects of the energies of Gemini most profoundly at the time of the full moon on June 15th as we celebrate the Festival of Goodwill, the third of the three great spiritual festivals for the year. This is the time when the accumulated energies from the two previous festivals (those in Aries & Taurus) are synthesised and made more available to humanity. Through the outpouring of the combined energies of Love & Wisdom we are given the opportunity to celebrate the true spirit of humanity and to bring greater harmony to the polarity of spirit and matter through the recognition of our divine nature. In practical terms this means that there will be greater inspiration for us all to promote unity and brotherhood through the understanding and resolution of the many conflicts that still rage, in both our inner and outer worlds. The full moon lunar eclipse on June 15th will particularly offer an opportunity to become more aware of those shadowy issues that that need to be brought into the light of greater understanding so that changes can be made.

The Spirit of Right Relationship

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It seems to us that at this time of heightened perspective around the spirit of relationship we might all do well to reflect on the relationship that we have with ourselves since it is this relationship that provides the foundation for the creation of greater harmony and balance in the world around us. The energies available to us right now are extremely transformative and will support every effort that we make to promote greater synthesis and unity. However they are also ruthless in their ability to bring forward those areas of ourselves where old patterns and habits create unconscious limitation. The good news is that these old issues will now clear very quickly if we can simply let them go without resistance. However this requires acceptance and the ability to observe the situation from as high a perspective as possible.

Discernment rather than judgement

As we see it one of the biggest ‘spanners in the works’ when it comes to the spirit of right relationship is the inbuilt tendency that so many of us have to promote polarity through falling into judgement. Often we can manage to restrain ourselves where others are concerned but are not so lenient when it comes to ourselves! Judging a pattern or issue within ourselves will pull us right into the very vibration that we are wishing to release, making it difficult to let it go. However if instead we choose to move into the heart we can find a point of balance from which we can hear the wisdom of the soul and observe the personality from the more neutral space of discernment that allows transformation to take place. Right relationship with our self grows from this space and profoundly affects our relationships with others and the world in which we live.

It is clear that the spirit of right relationship must be fostered with in ourselves before it can become a real force in the world. From this perspective there are two important inner relationships that need to be balanced and synthesised in order that a strong foundation for right relationship is created. Firstly there is the relationship between our inner masculine and feminine energies and secondly there is the all-important relationship between the personality and Soul or true Self.  Unless the polarity between the inner masculine and feminine energies is balanced it is very difficult for us to maintain an active working relationship between soul and personality.

From the foundation of inner unity and synthesis our relationships with others and the world around us take on a new dimension, one in which we are able to put the personality based perspective aside, in favour of one that sees life as a group endeavour in which we all have a responsibility to contribute for the good of the whole.

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