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The Power of the Collective Consciousness

Cherry PlumAs we write this we are at the beginning of a new zodiacal year and experiencing the powerful shift of energy that the Sun’s movement into the dynamic, volatile energy of Aries brings forward each year. The fiery energy of Aries is aligned with the first ray of creation emanating from the mind of God and is considered to be the birthplace of ideas. It is a powerfully initiating energy that will push us to take action in any area of our lives where new growth is required. It particularly encourages us to search the corners of the mind to clear out those old attitudes and beliefs that stand in the way of the regeneration and renewal of our life.

Aries, with its focus on the mind, brings to our awareness the great need for all of us to recognise the importance of what we are each contributing to the collective consciousness of humanity. One of the effects of time speeding up as it is now doing, is that the space between what we think about and its manifestation in our reality is also speeding up. Consequently our ability to influence the outcome of an event or situation as a group consciousness is also greatly enhanced. However if we are not very mindful it can be all too easy to get caught up in the emotional drama of events and thus render ourselves useless as co creators of a positive outcome. If our attention is riveted on the outer world we can forget that everything is ordered from a higher level of consciousness and from a plan that encompasses the good of the whole. Instead we energise the old belief based in fear that we are separate from the wholeness of life and that everything happens to us from the outside. It is essential that we remember that the reverse is the case and that no matter what happens the wholeness of life is unbroken and that we are all held safely within the great web of life. Recently many souls left the planet in order to assist with the immense process of transformation that we are all going through, however they are still very much a part of the human family held within the love of the one heart to which we all belong. We can be in gratitude that this sacrifice was not requested of us while making sure that we use our minds and hearts to visualise a positive outcome for the undoubtedly difficult situations that we are all facing.

The Power of Positive Thought

The power of positive thought directed by the most powerfully creative force in the universe; unconditional love, is capable of creating miracles that can transform even the most misqualified energies. However we must be the ones who anchor this energy through our willingness to include its potential as part of our everyday reality. This requires a constant vigil over the thoughts and beliefs that we allow to linger in our consciousness and a determination to contribute as much love and light as we can to the collective consciousness of humanity in order that new life can be birthed for all.

Fundamentally we are all being asked for ‘a change of mind’ that will allow the renewal and regeneration of life to take place on earth in a way that has never before happened in quite this way. In this context one of the biggest ‘ideas’ that requires investigation is that related to our perception of our self in relation to the world around us. Do we see ourselves in our wholeness, as an integral part of the web of life capable of contributing to and receiving from that web, or do be still regard ourselves as separate and at the mercy of events? The answer is that for the great majority of us we are probably currently somewhere in between these two extremes. Perhaps we understand the concept of wholeness logically but have not yet anchored that belief as a tangible reality into the core of our being.

Divine Harmony EssencesRecent events in the world have shaken many of us to the core highlighting those beliefs that can still activate a wobble in our lower energy bodies. Perhaps the strongest of these beliefs is that our security lies in physical form whether that form is our own physical body or the structure of the outer world, leaving us prey to feelings of fear, insecurity, doubt, limitation etc. in times of difficulty. With this in mind we thought that we would remind you of some essences that will help you to clarify and release some of these issues. Lets start with Feeling Safe (Divine Harmony Essences) and Mother Earth (Inner Child Essences). Either of these combinations would be very supportive for anyone who is currently feeling a lack of security and well being in relation to their physical foundation on the Earth. Feet Chakras, Base Chakra (Chakra Essences) Inner Calm, Inner Strength (Divine Harmony Essences) or Strength & Courage Spray (Pure Vibrations Collection) might also be helpful here.

Experiencing a Greater Conscious Connection

In order to experience greater conscious awareness of our connection with the whole our focus must shift from being primarily that of the personality to a greater awareness of the soul. The soul is group aware while the personality tends to see through the linear mind creating separation. This change is simply a shift of focus and one that is happening rapidly as the energy on Earth changes, however fine tuning is still required for most of us. Here are a few essence suggestions that might be valuable in this context. The first gateway to the soul is within the heart chakra, which means that the solar plexus chakra must first be balanced in order that the heart can remain open. Anyone seeking support with this would find a Solar Plexus Chakra combination followed by a Heart Chakra combination (Chakra Essences) very helpful. Heart Connection Spray (Pure Vibrations Collection) and Higher Heart Chakra (Chakra Essences) are other also possibilities that might be helpful. Resistance to changing perspective can often come from old patterns held in the mental body that have become fixed ideas with no value to us in our current situation. Either a Mental Body (Lightbody Essences) or a Clarity & Perspective Spray (Pure Vibrations Collection) might help to bring a breath of fresh air in this situation. FlowerLastly, either Soul Connection or Inner Wisdom (Divine Harmony Essences) would be very helpful to enhance greater soul awareness and connection.

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UK Florist
UK Florist
10 years ago

I Agree that our consciousness is very powerful yet sometimes we are not aware of it. In order for us to be aware or enhance our awareness is to have a focus on our inner or soul connection.