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The Power of Positive Vibrational Alignment

Snow Trees

Happy New Year and welcome to the January edition of Elight. 2010 has certainly opened on a wintry note, at least for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere where we are experiencing some of the lowest temperatures and the greatest accumulations of snow that we have had for a very long time. We were reflecting the other day how being in the midst of this great freeze is rather like being held in suspended animation. Everything tends to slow down and we get the opportunity to examine the details of life to a greater extent than would be the case normally. In other words another opportunity for enhanced introspection!

January Energetics

The theme of inner introspection will be an important one for all of us during the first two weeks of January this year. The powerful energies of the last full moon of 2009 on December 31st instigated a period of inner introspection and self-examination that is currently offering us the opportunity to get clarity on our focus and intention for the coming year before the first new moon of 2010 on January 15th.

To us it feels that 2010 will be a year of new choices and opportunities and that it is therefore particularly important that we each use this time to feel into our hearts and discover the direction and focus that our soul wishes us to take over the coming year. We will be greatly assisted in this process by a period of retrograde Mercury, which began on December 26th and will continue until Mercury goes direct again on January 15th. While such periods can have a disruptive effect in the outer world of communications they also greatly enhance our ability for introspection and inner communication. There is always a silver lining to all apparently black clouds!

The combination of the new moon and solar eclipse on January 15th will provide us with a particularly powerful moment in which to sow the seeds of our new focus and intention for the coming year. It will be a wonderful moment to set a vibrational alignment that will help to bring towards us all that we will need in order to accomplish what we have so carefully chosen.

Vibrational Alignment

The correct vibrational alignment is crucial in the manifestation of any intention or goal since it is our personal vibrational frequency that calls forth the creative forces of the Universe and determines what we can and cannot manifest at any given moment. We were reflecting on this the other day and recognising that lack of real understanding about this is still the source of much frustration for many people. There are two issues that seem important to mention here. One is the need for recognition of the power that our unconscious patterning can have to over ride positive goals and intentions. The other is the need for conscious alignment with the purpose that our soul holds for us in each incarnation.

These first two weeks of January offer us all a wonderful opportunity to examine carefully whether we are actually vibrationally aligned with the focus and intention that we have set ourselves for the year ahead. Take some time to feel into your heart and to really connect with the promptings coming from your soul. As you do this allow the feeling of what it will be like to create this in your life to come forward as strongly as you can. In this way you are creating a vibrational alignment with what you are calling forth. Keep energising this feeling every day, pulling yourself more and more into alignment with what you wish to manifest. This process will also trigger any unconscious patterns that you hold, such as fear, doubt or lack of confidence, that are vibrationally not in alignment with your focus and intention for the year. It is important to accept and own these old emotions and beliefs because they all represent fragmented aspects of yourself that require healing in order for the vibrational alignment with your manifestation to be secure.

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