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The Power of Coherent Energy

Snowdrops As we move into March there is at last a sense of spring in the air here in the UK, as the increasing daylight and strengthening sun gradually warms the earth and awakens the early spring flowers from their sleep, albeit somewhat slowly.  Within each one of us the same stirrings of new energy are also beginning to be felt as we prepare for the powerful energies of the vernal equinox later in the month. Of course for our friends in the southern hemisphere this same space of time is one of moving into autumn and preparing for the introspection of winter. Whichever hemisphere we happen to be in, the equinox on March 20th (17.32 UT) will bring us that biannual moment of balance in which day and night, light and dark are as close to being equal across all parts of the globe as they ever get, serving as a reminder to us of the need to bring balance to our own inner polarities. We are also aware as we write this that many across the world are again experiencing great trauma and upset most particularly in the earthquake hit areas of Chile but also in western Europe where storms have ravaged many areas. Our hearts go out to all our brothers and sisters who have been affected by these difficult and challenging situations and we continue to hold you within the focussed embrace of our light and love.

March Energetics

During most of the month of March we come under the prevailing influence of the zodiacal sign of Pisces, the last sign in the zodiacal year. Thus the month of March brings both the completion of a cycle and also the beginning of a new one. This will therefore be a month in which to choose carefully what to let go of and what to take forward with us into the new cycle. The energy of Pisces was brought fully into focus for us by the powerful full moon of February 28th, challenging us to look beyond duality and to bring closure to the polarised aspects of ourselves that still deny their unity and wholeness. The sign that represents Pisces is that of the two fishes swimming in opposite directions, yet held together by a thread. Symbolically this sign is reminding us of the underlying unity behind the apparent duality of our everyday existence. The two fish represent the soul and its personality aspect connected together by the silver cord. It is encouraging us to remember that the personality is simply an aspect of soul sent into incarnation to gather experience and knowledge and that at some point it must choose to recognise the authority of the soul as its guiding light and return to unity and wholeness. Thus under the influence of Pisces we learn to sacrifice the small self or personality in favour of the wisdom of the True Self in order to bring greater harmony and balance to both our personal and collective realities.

The energy of 333

We will be greatly helped in our quest for greater unity this month by the energies of 333 flowing in on March 3rd 2010. Triple 3 brings us the energy of the trinity, which represents the union of the divine with the human. It also carries within it the energy of 9, which represents closure of a cycle. Both these aspects are important points of focus for us this month. Once again the signals are loud and clear and we must pay attention to the fact that we are reaching the end of the cycle of duality and preparing to enter a new cycle of wholeness and unity.

The power of coherent energy

As we reflected on the underlying energies of the month and the challenges and difficulties that many are facing around the world it seems particularly important for us all to remember the power that loving coherent energy has, to calm and balance discordant energies. At a personal level, those that help us most when we are in the midst of a challenging life drama are always those that can remain emotionally detached yet lovingly available. Similarly from a global perspective we can best assist by making sure that we contribute coherent energy, in the form of focussed thought and loving intent, into the collective human energy pool. In this way we help to stabilise the collective field of energy that we all share and help others to find the inner strength and resolve to cope with the situations that they find themselves in. One powerful way that we can do this is to set aside a few moments of each day to go into our hearts and gather the energy of unconditional love and compassion, visualising it flowing out through the unified energy field to all those areas of the world where people are in need. As we join together in this process we become a powerful coherent force for good that can be used by the universal mind to create new levels of harmony and balance. See also Essence Suggestions for March
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