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The Point of No Return

Daffodil Flower

With that peculiar elasticity that seems to mark our relationship with time these days the first month of 2011 disappeared into history leaving us with the confusing sense that it has been simultaneously both a long and a short month. On the one hand it is hard to believe that the beginning of the year was just one month ago. On the other hand, what happened to that month and how did it slip past without our noticing? If you are feeling a little disconcerted by this changing relationship with time it might be comforting to recognise that you are not alone, we are all experiencing it in one way or another.

Living More in the Now

Our ability to remember is directly connected to the magnetic fields of the earth that have, up to now acted as an anchor for our memories. Over recent years the earth’s magnetic fields have decreased in power and are currently continuing to do so. This is now affecting our ability to remember and hold onto the past as well as changing our perception of time. It is an invitation to us to live more in the now and also a wonderful opportunity to let go of any old emotional baggage that we might still be carrying around.


The prevailing influence for the month of February always comes to us from the constellation of Aquarius. Although February is the month in which we can expect to experience the magnification of this energy, the Aquarian influence is also a very potent force field of energy that will continue to be a consistent influence on Earth over the next 2000 years as we move through the Age of Aquarius. Essentially the Aquarian influence highlights the spiritual values of unity, sharing and universal brotherhood. By its very nature it stimulates expansion of consciousness and transference of attention from the purely personal to those things that are for the collective good of humanity as a whole.

The Point of No Return

It is this Aquarian energy that is the stimulating force for the many changes that we are currently seeing in the world and also experiencing within ourselves. These are changes that are long overdue and it seems to us that we have recently reached a kind of ‘tipping point’ from where there is simply no going back. Change cannot be delayed or suppressed any longer and is consequently erupting on all fronts, both personal and collective.

Reflecting on this ‘point of no return’ we are aware of a sense of inner excitement tempered by the recognition of the enormity of the change required in order that freedom, equality and universal brotherhood can become the predominant life experience for all here on Earth.

Standing by the basic human rights of equality, freedom and justice will not necessarily be easy. It will test to the full our ability to honour the essential unity of life and challenge us to share our personal and collective resources from that perspective. As individuals we will need to be willing to find the courage to allow the love of the soul to release limitation and show us the way in which we can best contribute to the great Aquarian team effort that is now in process. In the hustle & bustle of everyday life it can be all too easy to forget that we are each a tiny part of an enormous group consciousness and that in each moment we are contributing to that consciousness through our actions and thoughts. Taking a few moments each day to check back on the motives and intentions behind those thoughts and actions is a simple but effective means by which we can each ensure that we are aligning with those all-important Aquarian principles to the best of our ability.

Divine Harmony Essences

Working with our Unconscious Patterns

We all have many inbuilt and often unconscious patterns that preclude our ability to see ourselves as a unit of wholeness interconnected with the greater whole. One of the biggest and most damaging of these patterns is related to our tendency to judge everything as right/wrong, good/bad etc. With its attendant energies of criticism and intolerance, judgement, if indulged in will provide us with an instant manifestation of separation and hold us firmly in polarity consciousness. We have now reached the point where we must each lovingly allow ourselves to transform our ‘inner critic’ in order that we can be free to be our true self. Since this is such an important issue here are a few essence suggestions to help with this issue. Perhaps the best starting place for most people is the Inner Freedom combination (Divine Harmony Essences). We have found this to be a wonderful combination to help banish judgement, criticism and intolerance and help us attain that expanded place of awareness from which we can more easily recognise and let go of old mindsets and perceptions. Other combinations that might also be helpful to work with this issue are Heart Chakra (Chakra Essences), Self Acceptance, (Divine Harmony Essences) Forgiveness (Divine Harmony Essences) or Love (Inner Child Essences).

If we are to truly contribute to the creation of equality and fairness in the world we must first recognise ourselves as being equal. This is still a challenge for many who struggle with feelings of inferiority and lack of self-value so here are a few suggestions for anyone seeking support with this issue; Feeling Worthy (Divine Harmony Essences), Self Worth (Inner Child Essences) or Solar Plexus Chakra.

Lastly since fear is an underlying issue for many we will just remind you to check out the Strength & Courage Spray (Pure Vibrations Spray Collection) anytime you need some help to keep you moving forward. We find it a wonderful support if we are having a little difficulty facing up the need for change in some area of life.

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