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The Eclipse & Equinox – Keeping your Balance!

This is definitely the week to do your best to ride the energies with as much poise and balance as you can manage. Not an easy task we agree but easier if you remember to keep sight of your own inner centre of balance.

Earlier this week we passed through the last hit of the Pluto Uranus square, a configuration which will now slowly begin to move apart, although the effects of it will continue to rumble on for some time to come yet. It feels good to have that behind us but the energetic intensity still rolls on, in fact if anything it seems to be still gathering pace. Partly this is due to yesterday’s huge geomagnetic storm now impacting our emotional bodies and partly it is the preparation for tomorrows upcoming eclipse and of course the equinox. Possibly it all feels a bit tough going right now, especially if you have been getting in touch with some old deep issues that need to clear. However hold on in there and take the opportunity to let go and clear out ready for the new cycle that is only just around the corner.


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