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The Art of Balance

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October Energetics

The prevailing planetary influence for the month of October comes to us from the constellation of Libra represented astrologically by the sign of the scales. Libra represents the balance of opposites and its influence brings an emphasis to the qualities of harmony, balance, justice and fairness in all areas of life. Inevitably this will take the focus of attention to the issue of ‘relationship’ this month. Not just those external relationships that we have with our partners, family & friends but also the internal relationship that we have with ourselves and the all-important collective relationship that we have as a human family. We can already see many signs around the world that new choices are being made and that inter human relationships are changing as a consequence. Some of these changes might appear chaotic as they play out, so it is important to keep in mind that there is a new plan in place and we are all contributing to it through our individual choices and actions. As the airy qualities of Libran energy expand our awareness and stimulate our connection to the higher mind there will be a particularly fertile opportunity this month for new and innovative solutions to old, seemingly intractable problems to be found.

We also have some powerful planetary alignments this month that will have the effect of challenging us to engage further with the process of transformation at both an individual and global level. There is potential for unexpected events, surprises and even shocks to present themselves in our reality this month and although this might not feel entirely comfortable, it is a process that we are completely in alignment with at a soul level, so remember to draw on the Libran qualities of balance and harmony to help you negotiate whatever comes forward for you over the next few weeks.

The Art of Balance


We have all experienced those satisfying moments of balance, harmony and poise in our lives where everything seems to flow without effort. In the current energy flow the need for us to cultivate the ability to remain consistently balanced and stable no matter what might be going on around us is becoming increasingly important. From a place of balance we have a far greater capacity to discern the truth of a situation and therefore to make positive choices about how to respond. This not only impacts our personal lives but it will make a powerful contribution towards the creation of stability within the human family as the process of change accelerates over the coming months and years.

Balance is often associated with a sense of calmness in the emotions and certainly this is an important fundamental requirement in its creation, however it is really only a starting place. The art of balance is the ability to stand within your own centre in that unattached neutral place within the heart, where the clarity of your own truth is available to you.  From this personal fulcrum point all perspectives and options come into view and the ability to see all aspects of a situation is readily available. There is a harmony and peace within this space that promotes an attitude of harmlessness and non-judgement, through the recognition of the underlying unity within the diversity of life.

So take advantage of the impulses of energy flowing to you from the constellation of Libra this month to weave those all-important vibrations of balance and harmony more fully into the fabric of your daily life.


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