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The 05/05/05 Gateway

Feeling the energy gathering for this next Gateway I asked in meditation for some guidance and illumination. I would like to share with you what I received;

Greetings dear one and to all those who wish to hear on Earth at this time. The time that you are now living in is a period full of opportunities of all kinds. Most importantly it is a time for evolution. It is a time where each who chooses to may step forward into their spiritual power. Indeed this is necessary if humanity is to continue to flourish as a race. The energy gateway that now approaches – 05/05/05 – offers yet another opportunity to walk forward. The energy entering through this gateway will shine the light of Divine Truth on all, taking those who are ready deep within themselves to find and honour their own Truth, helping to unearth the old beliefs and issues that might still hold you back from being a true expression of yourself. During this time it is essential that you stay firmly in your own centre, anchored deeply in your heart, as holding this inner balance will greatly assist in keeping the outer balance in your world steady. It will be easy to feel unbalanced and uncentred in this new energy. Draw your centre deep into the Ocean of Love allowing yourself to resonate with the deepest truth within your being. Many things in your world will not be able to withstand the Light of Truth and will need to change. As with all times of change, however needed they may be, many will feel afraid and wish to hold onto the old rather than flow with the new. This is why staying within your own centre and nurturing your own deep truth is so important. Recognise that the areas in which you are not yet aligned to Truth will be highlighted and that all that is needed to bring balance is for these parts of yourselves to be brought into the Light of Love. As you all go through this process we remind you to call upon the Realms of Light for assistance as we hold you in our Love. Namaste.

I am sure that we have all been feeling the energy building for this most important Gateway in our own way. I have felt the patterns within myself that still hold me back from being a true expression of myself pushing more strongly into my awareness. There is a knowing within me that it is important to move forward now.

So during the next few months make it a daily practice to centre yourself within your heart and allow that connection to take you deep into the field of love to which we all belong. Remember that the universal energy available to us is now supporting even more strongly, all those who wish to flow with their deepest Truth and that it will consequently be more difficult to stay with a way of being that no longer resonates for you. It is in fact an ideal opportunity to recognise and release some more of those issues that no longer serve our highest good. Lastly, remember that using the appropriate Vibrational Essences to help you during this process of change will greatly assist you, and those around you, to move forward with ease.

In Love & Light,


Crystal Herbs

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