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Team Spirit

Rosa de la Hay We always look forward to the month of June each year because it is the month in which one of our favourite flowers, the Rose is in full bloom. This year we seem to be particularly blessed with a more than usually magnificent and abundant display of these wonderful flowers. From the humble wild rose of Dr Bach which can be seen trailing through the hedgerows around the countryside during June and July to the most sophisticated of special blooms, the Rose is a reminder to us of the power and beauty of the love within our own hearts.

June Energetics

The prevailing influence for the month of June comes to us from the constellation of Gemini represented in astrology by the sign of the twins. From a spiritual perspective Gemini represents the harmonisation of opposites or the fusing of polarities. At a personality level we can experience this energy in our lives as the conflict of opposites, a reminder of inner polarisation awaiting resolution. We can therefore expect the energies this month to highlight those areas of ourselves that require greater integration and harmonisation. Two of the most significant polarities requiring harmonisation for most of us are those between the inner male and female and between soul and personality. The point of integration for any polarity is always within the heart, through the power of the love that is our connection with our true Self. Esoterically the energy of Gemini is associated with the second Ray of Love and Wisdom so June is always a particularly good month in which to connect more deeply with the power of love within your own heart. It is of course no coincidence that the third of the three great spiritual festivals for the year is celebrated every year at the time of the full moon when the sun is in Gemini. Also known as World Invocation Day this is a time in which men and women from all spiritual paths around the world come together to create an anchor on the physical plane for the blessings of love poured forth from the spiritual realms, with the intention of furthering the creation of right human relations and a world built on justice, unity and peace. This year this festival was celebrated on May 27th and the energies associated with it will powerfully influence us all for the whole of the month.

Team Spirit

Reflecting on the energies this month brought into our awareness once again how much easier it would be to harmonise the polarities in our lives if we could all remember that life is really a team effort. We only have to look at our own physical bodies to see the truth of this. Down to the smallest cell in our physical body all the component parts work together as a team to create and share the resources that are required to make the whole unit work efficiently. However our physical bodies are only one aspect of a greater team, one that is often referred to as the body, mind and spirit team. For this team to work efficiently we must be aware of the impact that our thoughts and emotions have on the working of our physical body and also of the importance of the connection with our spirit or soul. If these links in the chain are weak then our link to the greater team of life is also insecure and we can easily find ourselves feeling that we are isolated and alone rather than a valuable part of the whole. So this month take some time to observe yourself from as great a perspective as you can, recognising that the connection with your soul through your heart is your all-important link with the vast team of life to which we all belong. Picture yourself harmonising the members of your own body, mind, spirit team into a coherent force that creates a bubble of light. Then see yourself connecting with other bubbles of light to form a team that is contributing light into a still greater network of light. As we all begin to pull together as a team in this way we automatically connect into the wholeness of life from where the solutions to all our perceived problems will be found. See our Essence Suggestions for June
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