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Spiritual Crisis in Sagittarius


It is with a certain sense of shock that we set out to write this; could it really be that another year has slipped away almost unnoticed?

Looking back it seems hardly possible that this could be the case yet somehow here we are with December and Christmas fast approaching. While there is a recognition that much has happened over the last twelve months there seems to be very little if any linear time sequence related to those events. It is an interesting, non-attached perspective that sometimes feels a little weird, yet also offers a sense of freedom unavailable to us only a few short years ago.

December Energetics

December promises to be an interesting month energetically, offering both opportunity and challenge in equal measure. As is so often the case in this situation it will be a question of how best to overcome the challenges so as to take advantage of the opportunities. Since the powerful influx of energy around the September equinox it has felt like we have been standing in a fast flowing river of turbulent energies doing our best to absorb what we can and allow the rest to cascade around and through us without losing our balance. For the most part we have all managed this with reasonable success, however there is more turbulence ahead so it will help to stay as focussed and aware as we can over the next few weeks leading up to the Solstice on December 22nd.

The Influence of Sagittarius

Under the influence of the flow of Sagittarian energy this month we will be particularly impulsed to bring all parts of ourselves into alignment and to choose with care what it is we want to manifest into our reality going forward.

The sun moves into the constellation of Sagittarius on November 23rd beginning a month long flow of magnified Sagittarian energy, which will be particularly powerful around the full moon on November 25th. The fiery energies of Sagittarius stimulate clear vision, clarity, focus and purpose. They also rule the higher mind and the intuition as well as inspiring wisdom and truthfulness. The astrological symbol for Sagittarius is that of the archer in the act of firing an arrow towards a distant target. Sometimes the archer is depicted as a centaur "half man and half horse" and sometimes as a knight on a white horse. In both cases there is intention and focus implied in the aiming of the arrow towards its target. There is a reminder within this symbology of the need for us to set clear goals and to ensure that all aspects of ourselves are aligned with that goal, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Under the influence of the flow of Sagittarian energy this month we will be particularly impulsed to bring all parts of ourselves into alignment and to choose with care what it is we want to manifest into our reality going forward.

The Saturn Neptune Square

There is another planetary influence this month that we should be aware of as it will certainly require a degree of mindfulness if we are to use the energetic opportunities it offers successfully. On November the 26th there will be the first of three exact squares between Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces. This is an encounter that has been building in influence for a while and also one that will continue on through 2016 so it is definitely something for us to pay attention to.

When two planets make a square (90 degree angle) in the sky it brings a focus to inharmonious elements that need resolution. Both Saturn and Neptune are transpersonal planets which means that the issues in need of resolution are fundamental to the way we operate as a human collective. Squares tend to be challenging aspects because they require that we find a way to use both energies in a productive, life enhancing way. Inevitably this means that a fundamental change of some kind is required if we are to achieve this successfully.

Spiritual Crisis in Sagittarius

Within the energy of Saturn we find the need for structure, concrete concepts relating to everyday reality, the limitation and restriction of old values as well as the need for discipline and self-mastery. Within the energies of Neptune we find a need for flow, dissolution of old structures and ideologies, spiritual inspiration and mysticism as well as the potential for delusion, confusion and deception.

The need to interweave these seemingly opposing energies is currently presenting us with a spiritual crisis that will force us to re-examine our ‘truths’ and allow old structures and ideologies to dissolve so that something new can be created based on a much deeper understanding of ourselves as spiritual beings. Clearly there is potential for a leap in consciousness within this opportunity however there is also the possibility of misplaced religious fanaticism and delusional idealism coming to the fore, something that is already happening in so many places around the world. The most recent example being the difficult and distressing events in France, sadly only one of many such examples.

If the prospect of an imminent ‘spiritual crisis’ seems a little overwhelming take a moment to relax, breath and recognise that we have many tools at our disposal to help us deal positively with this opportunity. Most importantly, remember that at a higher level humanity as a collective has already made the choice to embrace fifth dimensional consciousness, a state of being built upon the qualities of unity, balance, freedom, justice and cooperation. That fifth dimensional template already exists in the etheric realms waiting for a sufficient number of people with faith, vision and intention to focus on bringing it into manifestation.

So recognising this, the most positive contribution that we can make this month is to focus on that fifth dimensional goal with true Sagittarian one pointedness and do our best to allow the distracting chaos of disharmony in the world to flow past us as best we can.



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