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Our Shifting Consciousness


When we stop to look back to the beginning of this year it seems hard to remember what we were thinking and feeling because everything now feels so different. It is rather like taking a trip away somewhere and returning to find that although everything seems the same, it is somehow indefinably different than before you set off. This seems to be a very common experience for many people right now and relates to the subtle but powerful shift in consciousness that we have all been going through for sometime. We are now experiencing this shift on an almost daily basis and it is requiring some focus and attention for us all to adjust to the opportunities that it presents us with. It is as though the rules that we have gotten used to living by have inexplicably changed and we must now figure out how this new environment that we find ourselves in works. We have a great deal more space to play in, in the new environment because the ability to function consciously as a multidimensional being is much more available and increasing all the time. This is an incredibly exciting opportunity but also one that takes some getting used to. It can be all too easy to find ourselves falling back into limited awareness and past perceptions simply through habits that are well beyond their sell by date. The rational mind is struggling most in this new field of possibilities because by definition it has no anchor points in past experiences to refer back to. If you are sometimes experiencing a degree of discomfort or disorientation in this new energetic environment it will most likely be due to ‘indigestion’ in the rational mind. As we see it, it is important to recognise clearly that this is the case and begin to trust ourselves to expand beyond the rational mind so that we can tap into the limitless possibilities and resources available from the higher mind and multidimensional self.

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